Never use TC20 for storage


Because I’m wasteful and it is my goal to plan to ascend one hero quickly:

I run color-specific rare training *3 to build up a stock of rares. I run that up until ~2 days before I expect to pull. (for two weeks roughly) then I pour ALL remaining recruits and food into TC20. Any off-color I feed to my waiting heroes, and on-color I ‘lock’ (3/4 star).

I then farm packs like a mofo on speed for those two weeks. when my 3 star rare TC finishes, I convert all to tc2 and run 3*tc2 for ~2 days each. I do not dump them.

Then I pull. I usually get what I’m after (hotm, usually) and color feed the heck out of it.
Then, because feeding heroes takes food, I pull my tc20 out one at a time, drop the recruits in tc2s, feed/ascend the hero. Then when tc20 is empty, I transition to color feeding. By that time, however, my hero is t4/50ish. the remaining tc2 will be dumping out heroes regularly (as I’ll have 4 tc2 running) and i generally finish the hero over the next 2 days.

“Never use TC20 for storage” pffftt… hahahahaha sorry.

If I weren’t still sort-of trying to get my greedy paws on some s1 5*, that might be valid to switch to tc13.

But I just pulled Magni from TC20.

I wanted that guy. I also want Sartana. Wouldn’t mind Lianna either.

…this guy.



Yea you read correctly.

I suppose I could run 2 TC19s instead of one, if that’s what you’re suggesting, and then pulling out of TC11. I see how you do it, and frankly that seems like a decent idea if you want to level up heroes as quickly as possible. All depending how fast you want those levels… imo I’m not in that much of a rush. 1hr vs 30 min, it makes no difference, I work during the day and I don’t mind the wait.



Please add “early to mid game” to the topic name. I have all 4* heroes since like level 45, same with level 20 buildings. Can’t imagine putting my food and recruits anywhere else when I am full. Don’t call something dumb when it has a condition.

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You store recruits in TC11. (TC4 early in the game if you don’t have 11)
You store food in TC20. (TC13 early in the game if you don’t have it; TC12 if you don’t need ANY TC20 5* heroes, which doesn’t apply to very many players)

The way you withdraw food from TC20 is by shifting the queue from TC20 to TC11. Making deposits is the reverse, moving the queue from TC11 to TC20.

I can think of two good reasons to store food like this:

  1. You are (relatively) early in the game, and you are saving food for when you can run TC19, or waiting on your barracks to level up, or just waiting to get 4* troops worth leveling up with your feeder troops.
  2. You are (relatively) late in the game, and you don’t have any heroes you want to level up that aren’t ascension blocked. You are saving your feeder heroes to power-level somebody when you get them and need to save food for that process.

Otherwise, banking food doesn’t make sense. (I currently have more heroes to level up than feeders, so I’m not banking anything)

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Only thing I see wrong, Barry, is tc12 & 13 store more food per recruit than tc 20. Not heckuvalot, just sayin.



If you are going to store food, you can use TC12, TC13, or TC20. I would choose them for the following reasons:

  • TC13 – You need 4* heroes and don’t have TC20 yet.
  • TC20 – You need 4* or at least 5* heroes.
  • TC12 – You don’t need TC20 4* or 5* heroes. It burns the least food and recruits per day, giving you 3* heroes for food more cheaply than the above, which mostly give 3* heroes anyway.

They are all an order of magnitude worse than TC11 when you eat the output, so I mostly don’t worry about the comparison between them for players who still want 4* or 5* heroes for their rosters.



Was baiting you on that. The f2p/c2p vs spenders is deciding factor. Players that talk about storage seldom make that point.



I use different strategy. I store food in battle items instead. Super mana, Super healing or even making tons of minor healing potions are working great for me. If I cannot make any good items, TC19 is my choice. I do sometime train 30-40 fodders at one shot that can upgrade 4-5* for 1-2 levels easily.



That isn’t storing food. Storing food implies to cash it when needed. When you make battle items, they become… battle items, they won’t return to be food.



Everyone… Please forgive me. I know this post is older. Ive only just heard about storing ham in TC 20. Can someone please tell me how its done? A step by step guide if you will. Thank you



Don’t use this strategy if you are levelling heroes but here is an example of storage, 4xTC20s above


Assuming you have upgraded to TC20

Step 1

Have 297k in ham and 100 recruits

Deposit it into level 20 training. Repeat as many times as desired to accumulate ‘storage’

Step 2
Use a combination of other level trainings for your other three camps.

Eg TC11 (training camp level 11), TC2, TC5 (for red levelling).

Step 3
When you strike gold and pull a new hero you want to level, free up one of the TCS by minusing as much as you can. Usually you will free up the TC that is about to finish production.

Sometimes you will have to juggle between other TCS to make it work by eg subtracting from TC20 and putting into TC11 one step at a time. Then you can use the freed up TC to do whatever you want.

You may not need to free up a TC at all if you can just dump all your resources into an existing TC. Eg if you pulled a fire hero you can dump everything into an existing TC5 unless you want to free up another TC to do TC19 or an extra TC5

Bit confusing but hope that helps



Omgosh… Awesome. Thank you so much

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In this example I want to get ready to power level Isarnia so have moved all my storage from the left TC20 to the other three. The left TC20 is now almost free for TC19. Ready for action.

If I run out of recruits or food I can withdraw from the other TC20s BUT I must be careful. If I over level to the point where I have no food left and a massive amount of recruits I’ll get stuck.

For this reason freeing up another TC11 is desirable



Funny how you call BS to getting HOTM from TC20… which is not what ThatGuy said… he said he used the strategy to max those heroes… 24 hours from receiving…

I wanna call BS on the, “doing similar strategies since roughly the first month playing”. It’s been a while, but sheesh… one month into the game… I’m not sure I had more than one TC and I’m sure it was pretty low level… maybe you we exaggerating for emphasis… but I’m reading this thread to figure out how this strategy works and why there are people for it and against it.

You bragging about an unsupportable fact isn’t helpful. Unless you want to elaborate. Then I’ll eat my words and take your strategy to my n00bs and get them on the right path.



@Chernov, there is a wide variety of methods used for storing ham and recruits in training camps. It is possible to start storing in low level camps.

The main point that seemed to be agreed upon was that a tc20 based method was better for free to play that pay to play.

If you have questions, pls ask.



How do you “switch” a TC 20 to TC11?



What he meant was training from tc20 level to tc11 level.

Not exactly downgrading the building. :rofl:

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