Never use TC20 for storage


You got an Alby, Hel, and Alasie (all HOTM) from a TC20??




Actually, for my p2p self, I use tc12. The argument is storage. I use a tc20 one session at a time when not feeding a hero.


not from tc20 lol

i maxed them using resources i had stored in tc20

stay on track with OP thread lol


Maybe you would like to edit your title? You’ve got a good point that TC20 is a specialized, mid-game strategy, but the “Never” in your title claims more.


i do need to get a few things straight:

  • i have never handed this strategy out to new or newer players

-this strategy is best used once you have 6 rainbow war teams that are 4* or higher

the gain vs tc13 is simple. for me it’s not about the comparison in resource cost, it’s the fact that i will have to let at least 1 tc20 training finish no matter what and would rather have a chance at a 5* over no chance at all if I’m goin to spend relatively same amount of resources and time anyways


The provacative title should draw readers to what is a good explanation of tc20 and storage.

And congratulations on moderatorhood.


There can be value in a provocative title, but if what you are really saying is, “Never use TC20 for storage unless you would like some 4* and 5* heroes”, then I think you might have crossed the line from provocative to misleading.

Your points are entirely valid for players who have no need for any of the 4* and 5* heroes a TC20 might produce. I suspect that is quite a small group.


Lucky old world, I am a group of one


I thought this was obvious from the discussions prior to @Brobb and co coming into the picture.

If I’m not mistaken I’ve seen you around @Bud , haven’t I, saying the same thing ie. “NEVER USE TC20 AS STORAGE!!” in another thread where this issue was discussed?


i just dont fully understand the argument to be honest. if newer players dont have tc 20 then using tc13 should be obvious, but if they have option between the two then i dont see a strong argument for not using 20.


Might have. I’m old, so memory may have failed me. Or, I just may have started a thread of its own.


My thought which was probably obscured by myself was that new players often see posts that tell but don’t explain.


i see. so maybe this advice when given, should specify which group of players get best use out of this? cause i agree with that


I believe the “argument” revealed that. My only hope know is players, especially the new ones, will read it through and then fit it to their needs. A careful reading will show who can benefit, and how to evolve the strategy as their needs change.


I skipped most of the comments again but to reply to your first post.
It depends on how active you are at grinding. If you grind alot and you get more recruits than you can handle (I am assuming you can house over 100 recruits), obviously you dont wanna waste them and save it all up at the tc20 especially when you try to train legendary heroes. You get to save up the 100 recruits and store them there.

When you need to level certain heroes and you can use the fast training for 1* heroes and swords to level up faster then you need the recruits more than ever. Every hero takes 2 mins/1 sword/5 recruits and 5k ham (dont remember). Untrain a legendary to regain the 100 recruits can train 20x1* feeders and I am assuming you would have enough of the training mats. That is the key to storing recruits with the tc20. For most of us veterans, ham is never an issue if you have maxed out all your windmills/farms and you raid often enough. Recruits pose more of a problem for me at least since my daughter was born and dont get to grind as much. Now they even removed the recruits quest which makes it even tougher.

That’s my 2 cents on storing recruits in your tc20 with legendary training.

The only thing to add is that for new players, this strategy wont work yet as you wont have enough resources and materials. But when you have reached a certain plateau, it works wonders. Hardcore players can max out a 5* within a day (I am obviously not one of them).


I think this has been covered in other responses but since you asked me this directly I’ll respond. There are no 3* heros I don’t have that TC12 produces. So that’s a waste. There are 2 4s I dont have that TC13 can produces, not very good odds. There are many 5s TC20 produces (along with those same 2 4s) that I would love to have. The only above average TC20 5 I have is Joon. Or maybe Obekan depending on your opinion of him. So to me TC12 and 13 would be a waste of resources.

Also food isn’t really a concern. I haven’t needed food in a very long time. Any “storage” I do is pretty much only about the recruits. Sure I need food when I pull out resources in my TC20 to fire up TC2 or 19, but the slight differences you stated about food per recruit is irrelevant to me. The only reason I responded to you was you called a perfectly fine strategy for many players dumb. That is my only issue. Not what works best for you. You didn’t qualify it in any way and used mildly insulting language. That’s all. At the end of the day it’s a game that I and I assume most play to have fun. Some players don’t necessarily use the most efficient methods, they use the most fun. Like pumping all resources into 1 new great hero vs going rainbow progression. One isn’t dumb, just a little less efficient. But if that’s more fun for the individual player I would never call it a dumb strategy. To each their own my :slight_smile:

Oh and maybe this dates me a bit…but everytime I see you post all I hear in my head is Sean Penn…Hey Bud, what’s your problem? And it makes me chuckle lol.