Never use TC20 for storage


Right now I have a TC11 queued up for 103 days.
It was around 150 days, but I was pulling recruits out to pair with 70 recruits from TC13

I have another training at TC11 - that I rotate between TC2 and TC11 depending on how many backpacks I have.
The original TC13 is being upgraded toward TC20

I farm 8:7 when I’m filling the monster chest twice a day.


Might I suggest not burning off practice swords. There were times when recruits started to run ahead of available ham, and those cheap swords helped keep a balance.


I’ll bite.

I’m at a stage where I only want 5* heroes.

Using 3 x TC20 full-time is the foundation of my entire setup.

It maximises my chances of getting free 5* and that’s all the strategy I need.


That is not a storage strategy. You can put the dentures back in the glass


Well it is a storage strategy. I have 60 days in 1 TC, 30 days in another, 3 days in another.

Plenty of storage, all waiting to be used when I pull a 5*.

I’m looking forward to your response.


Why have more than one day stored on all? This means having to move stored bits if a 5* drops. You can stagger the times each TC20 finishes a training session so that one tc is available for cheap and quick training of feeders.


The minimum storage for a TC20 is 2 days, so that’s why my last TC20 is always about 3 days.

If I pull a 5* I just wait for 2 days to pass and use that one for TC19 as you said.

If I leave my last TC20 as just 2 days storage (ie only train one at a time), it means I always have to check my phone at that particular time - and I’m lazy.


Sorry, meant two sessions. Still can stagger. One drops a 4/5, that is a 19 until you want an 11 or a 2. Then, you can decide whether to change how you use the others as the sessions end.


honestly bud i typed up a whole walkthrough on how to make the whole thing work for mid and higher levels.

and even typed up a system for lower levels to do the same thing along with a stronghold walkthrough of the most productive(not the fastest) way to get to sh 20. (not the one here in the forum, made my own after testing different ways and methods by playing 6 accounts) i hand it out to the new players i recruit. Have had many thank yous from it.

But you’re just coming off as argumentative so didnt post it as it would have just wasted your time and mine. There’s those that argue to learn, then there’s those that argue to argue(usually out of built up frustration) i argue with people daily so that either me or them can learn something new. I wish this could have been one of those arguments.

i hope you find the answer you’re looking for.

Best of luck man


Can this be retitled to P2W/P2P never use Tc20. Because we c2p/f2p still need to train 4s and 5s in tc20 so that we can feed our trained feeder heroes to our tc20’s 4s and 5s. Surely this is not economical at all to f2p.


“Just” argumentative? I think I have to go back to no one has shown a storage strategy using a TC20 (or multiple) is meant for new players even though they tout it as the best which seems to mean for all.

I have yet to see an argument showing that it stands better than using a TC13 for players who should be building rosters and teams rather than being enticed by dreams of 5* heroes.


I always remember Rook pointing out how 4*s from tc13 changed her game. I also remember her swearing she was c2p.

And I apologize, but it was out vs c2p.

Of course, the original post was about using tc20 as storage. Never argued against using tc20 (unless I slipped, so ols point it out). Using tc20 with one training sessuon is appropriate to me. It is multiple sessions in one TC20 which I am against


Tc13 for us is never good, it is just a filler before we reach tc20. Of course it is good enough when it last.

I trained 1 tc13 before my tc20 up for about 3 month in hope to catch some 4s as well as food storage and rushing towards tc20. Thats how f2p rolls. Once tc20 up, I train only in tc20 for max chance of epic and legendary heroes (even as food storage) and dont look back. There is no point to do tc13 anymore. Currently I am running 1 tc20 and 3 tc11 (idle tc) because I use food to feed my troops. Last week my food storage spout out a magni, so isnt that more win than say a wu from tc13 or 200th oberon from tc12? I already have 23 70 and 5 80 so there is no rush or waste resources to level mediocre heroes or heroes I wont ever use.


Nicely put.

I am tired as it is 3am. Will respond tomorrow.


Seems like a whole thread of “I don’t like this so anyone who does is dumb”

Didnt really need to be posted. I run 2 x tc20. Half for the storage and half for the chance at new heroes (one pops out every morning and so far 6 5* have come out. Roughly one every 3 weeks or so.

And when I get a hero I’m excited about I withdraw some trainings and crank 19 for a couple hours.

It works for me. I don’t care if there’s a technically more beneficial or optimised way. New heroes plus storage is perfect for me.

If it’s not for you - awesome…
You do you baby


I have 4 tc20. If I need new 5 stars they will all 4 be running tc20.

If I need training heroes I switch to tc11. Once queues get above 2 days I burn it in tc19 and tc2.

So I pretty much never have much stocked.


Because it takes a lot of fodder heroes to level up 4* and 5* heroes, and we can’t stockpile fodder heroes. If we don’t have any 4* and 5* heroes worth levelling, then we should stockpile food and recruits, so that when a good candidate for levelling does appear, that food and those recruits can be converted to fodder and the new hero levelled.

For food storage purposes only, TC13 is just fine - it’s no worse than TC20 and also no better. But remember: the reason we might want to store food is because we lack a suitable candidate 4* or 5* hero to level. Our best chance of collecting a good candidate is by running TC20, not TC13. For a similar cost, every time TC13 trains a hero we have only about a 5% chance it is a 4* hero; every time TC20 trains a hero there is a 20% chance it is 4* and an additional 5% chance it is 5*.

So once one has a TC20, why would one ever use TC13? You would use it if you really need to deepen your bench of 3* heroes (TC20 will help with this as well, but you might want multiple camps doing it). Otherwise, it’s a terribly inefficient use of resources relative to TC20, and if you had excessive food you would never have any reason to put it in TC13 - it should always go to TC20.


Brobb, you and @koko have done a very good job of explaining how the “dumb” storage strategy is the smart way for f2p.



You make a fair point: if you don’t need to train 4* and 5* heroes (because you buy gems to summon them) then you don’t need TC20. TC13 is perfectly adequate for food storage, in that case.


Sorry, i fail to get your point.
I don’t see any situation where i pick TC13 instead of TC20 if both avalaible.

Not sarcastic, i really don’t see it.