Never use TC20 for storage

You want the cost to be high. That way you can store more food per recruit.

This way you will have the food for your tc 19 training and for ascending heroes.


The error (honestly, not meant as a pun) is that when you take the recruits out, you will overwhelm your storage.

You may have a different strategy that works best for your goals, but to call it dumb is silly. If you think it’s dumb I don’t think you truly understand why so many use that strategy. Or you don’t appreciate how hard it can be to get a 5* hero. Also TC20 I think is the best at producing 4*s % wise.

As far as your 2nd point. You have to have a recruit capacity of 100 to even start a TC20. I do agree if you capacity is exactly 100 that will be a pain to store or switch recruits around 100 at a time. But increase it a bit. I got mine to about 120 pretty quickly when I started TC20 training and had no issues. Now every building is maxed and its super easy.


Glad you are that far along and still having fun.

If you have the time, explain how it is used as a strategy. If you are going to argue it is the largest number storage, remember TC13 stores 3786 hams per recruit with TC12 only slightly behind that ratio. That is 150% of TC20 storage.

u can make 50 tc19 trainings for the cost of 1 tc20 training. you dont run out of storage space if you dump the resources into another tc as u pull them out


I agree with you on the first point.

One of the problems with Empires is people see the 5* heroes and go “must have”. When a strong color 4* 3.60 ( farmable ascension materials ) does better damage than a weak color 5* 4.80 ( lots of non-farmable ascension materials ). I am still working on my third rainbow 4* team so I can do double strong, double neutral or triple strong teams. Additionally Gambler’s Stance, Ramming Pulverizer, 42% Healing are very desirable 4* abilities while some 5* heroes just suck. It takes 200% of 3* ascension materials and 212% XP to reach 5* 4.80 compared to 4* 4.70. But most 4* 4.70 are better until a hero 5* 4.1 or higher ( Notes Grimm vs Isarnia ).

I agree with you on point two.

While RT13 ( elite training ) is more cost effective, you are pretty much stuck with a massive amount of 3* Heroes, almost no 4* and zero 5*. RT20 ( legendary ) is less cost effective but gives you roughly one 4* per 10 days. Gryphonkit, my wife, pulled Obakan ( 5* purple ) her first time using RT20.

There is more, but my ride is leaving. A detailed forum search should fill out more reasons people use these, and similar, strategies ( though MMO can often change, see Alliance War and 30 hero benches ).

==Waiting for 5* heroes==

==Hoarding food==

==Grimm vs Isarnia==


I understand the technique, but it causes a drawdown of existing food. I will go with the assumption most players in this TC20 storage strategy are running two TC11. That means a drawdown of ham to feed the leveling process.

The fact is TC11 feeders added to those now coming out of TC19 will consume alot of hams as you level up. Of you are maxed across your base, this is a slight problem; however, what does the guy who followed this strategy do when up pops a hero worth leveling?

If, using hood old vip, a player builds two TC11, one TC13 and one TC20 with the 11s being fed enough to queue 5 days training and the 20 doing one session at a time and the 13 stores, then there hopefully are enough feeders on the 11s to last while 20 finishes its one session.

You have a 20 making heroes, a 13 making heroes, and no muss/fuss.

BTW, just leveled Khiona to 4^60 (still going), Tarlak to 3^70 (need tonics), Triton maxed, Melia maxed, and have 800 recruits in 11 and 550 days of training queued in TC12 (have all S1 4s).

Did not have to juggle. And my TC20 has only spewed junk.

all i can say it has worked for me.
heros i have maxed within 24 hours of receiving while using this strategy:


started usin strategy a few months ago. i have no complaints. taking a 5* from 1 to 80 on same day of recieving is totally worth it to me especially heros i anticipated like alasie and drake. rest were surprises but luckily resources were already layed out. and besides for slightly more food and recruits i would rather have a chance of getting 5* i dont have than use a lower training that guarantees to give me heros i do have.

tc20 gives me 2 bonuses, good use for storage. chance at new heros.

tc13 gives me a use for storage and that’s pretty much it

i keep reading the responses above but get to the end of each one and still don’t see what the big complaint is or why is it hard to use this strategy. been doing similar strategies since roughly 1st month playing


It is because too many posts suggest new players should do what you did immediately. It does work as it did for you, but it is at best a mid-game strategy.

If you total resources spent leveling up all the storage after one tc13, how much should be used to develop a team? If that tc pops one 4*, all is well; but if you are “lucky” enough to train an Obakan first thing, it might be sad to see him sitting alone in the corner day after day.

Just saying it is better as the starting strategy which adds a TC20 when the groundwork is done.

As far as the title calling the TC20 storage strategy “dumb”, it brings in players who need to think this through. I will not back away from saying it is sub-optimal.

alright. to each their own.

I use TC20 to store food. I feel that it is such a waste of food and recruits to use TC12 and 13 for 3* and abysmal chances at 4 stars. At least with TC20 you can have a chance at a 5* and also fill out your 4* roster as well.


Only at upper level.


Find the cost of the improved chance not worth it. But, as was said above, to each…

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Here are the important TC levels and ingredients

Level Food Ingredient Time (m) Recruits Result Heroes/hr Food/hr Recruits/hr Food/R
1 1,600 Wooden Sword 10 5 1* 6.00 9,600 30 320
2 2,000 Backpack 30 5 2* 2.00 4,000 10 400
4 1,500 - 180 4 1* 2* 0.30 500 1.3 375
11 1,000 - 120 2 1* 2* 0.50 500 1
13 265,000 Leather Armor 2,880 70 3* 4* 0.02 5,521 1.46
19 5,500 Rugged Clothes 1 2 1* 60.00 330,000 120 2750
20 297,000 Sharpening Stone 2,880 100 3*,4*,5* 0.02 6,188 2.08 2970

Personally it took me 2 weeks to get to TC13 and then another 2 1/2 months to get to TC20.
In that time, I had 39 x 3* and 1 x 4*.
So by the time I got to TC20, 3* are food for my other heroes.

For an extra 32k of food and 30 recruits - My chances go from a 5% chance of a 4* to a 15% chance of a 4* and 5% of a 5*.


Missing something…about getting a single 4*. All those 3s are not feeding a lone 4, so do you spend or was tc20 really good to you?

And, was it that the 3s were a drag since they duped those from 10x summonses?

I have about 18 x 4* and 1 x 5* (Khiona), my last pull from TC13 was Gunnar and he was fed to Grimm.

You made pulls. What came from tc20?

yep, I have done 2 10 x pulls plus some other offers (ice cream day, soccer, football - basically 250 gems for epic troop and hero tokens)

One during the Pirate event (got Boomer & Khiona) and another during Sand event (Gafar)

I am basically C2P - VIP and the $5 for the event (1000 gems)

Edit - I just started my first TC20, my first pull is 6 am tomorrow morning.

Duh. Obviously, your 5* came from a pull. Let me point out that when feeding Khiona you left 15 TC11 training sessions undone every time you fed your TC20. Depending on how many TC20 sessions were completed, that could add up.

Right now I have a TC11 queued up for 103 days.
It was around 150 days, but I was pulling recruits out to pair with 70 recruits from TC13

I have another training at TC11 - that I rotate between TC2 and TC11 depending on how many backpacks I have.
The original TC13 is being upgraded toward TC20

I farm 8:7 when I’m filling the monster chest twice a day.

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