Never seen this before

I have. It happens. Rare, but happens

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Thanks every. Good luck in war.

Been playing 2.5 years and was C2P/moderate spender during most of that time. I had it happen once. Based on that I’d say that’s a fairly rare occurrence… congrats!!

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Statistically it’s possible :slight_smile:
Seen several times among my friends for 3 years
Well donne ! :+1:

It happened to me last month. I got two Clarissas on a ten pull.

That the Hero of the Month (HotM)

Congrats to the OP for two Raffaeles! :+1:

Just a side note. Didn’t they change the activity log to display in the order of decreasing rarity (ie 5* first, 3* last)? Does that apply to hotm as well? :thinking:

Did they? I thought it was in order of pull. I don’t do enough 10-pulls to be able to go back and check. My last was two months ago.

Seems so, my last 10 pull wasn’t in the order of pull that I saw.


Looks like it changed in V28

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