Never ending titan battle


I recorded a short video of the bug but it is not uploadable here.
I have like 90s footage of titan battle not stopping after timer reached zero.
If there is another way how to get this mp4 file on the forum or how to somehow get it to the devs, please let me know.


90 seconds does seem like a long time even with crazy combos, hero animations and of course the titan always gets the last say in the matter, but 90 seconds seems like more than a combination at the 1 second mark. Even if it did an 18 combination effect. I know my raids typically happen to go longer than the timer because of what I mentioned, but it is hard to imagine 90 seconds of that.


“90 seconds footage”, you mean a three-minute battle? :thinking:


The “easiest” would be to upload to YouTube and just link it in here.


Similar thing happened to me too last week. Counter got to zero and stayed at zero without ending the battle. I waited about 5 mins. In the end I didn’t mind much because it showed that my hit still counted after I intentionally closed/restarted the app.


No it is 90s of footage where the timer is still on 0:00 the battle has not ended and you cannot make a move. Titan is moving but not attacking. So it is like the game freezes without actually freezing. You are freed after five minutes of inactivity only.


And now it happened again. This bug is triggered when you push the auto button at the last second I am pretty sure about that.


The same thing happened to me yesterday. Pressed autoplay in the last second(s), then the timer stopped at 00 seconds but the fight doesn’t end. Animation still worked, could turn autoplay on and off without anything happen, tap and hold titan and heroes to see their status info. Flee button did not work. (Android 1.9.7 , Build 525)


Please report this directly to Game Support:

From in-Game, click:

Menu > Options > Support (Technical)