Never again!

As of today, I will never participate in any more Alliance Wars.
I am sick to death of the rigging. I am sick of invincible opponents. I am sick of always facing a team of limit-broken, max grid supergods with with limit-broken costumes; teams of 4700+ power, when I can barely crack 4600 on a good day. I am sick of ALWAYS being on the losing end. Nine losses in a row against teams with far greater overall power.
Today, I faced Baldur. Never seen him before. Completely INVINCIBLE! I got my opponent down to him and I could not finish him off no matter what I threw at him. I call this a cheat. No wonder I never get supergods like this. I can’t afford to spend that much on this game, and after today, not a penny more. I won’t even TRY to do the Path of Valor ever again. I just don’t have the time to waste for the nothing I get from all of it, overall.
Three years of this is too much. I am on the verge of just deleting this game and playing my Switch more.


Wait till you go up against all teams 5k+

@Cheds Rant score please?


while I do find the rant score amusing, maybe I’m just the type to step in with empathy. After all, I’ve also been on the receiving end of all sorts of frustration @Jack_oKent @Cheds


I’ve felt this frustration before @GeneStarwind , my dear departed alliance boss @TGW also felt it a lot, we went through a period where we kept getting matched against tough opponents with premium heroes… as a result, 6 of us stopped warring completely. it probably meant we were punching above our weight, war offense wise (and indeed, we did quite well considering our limited rosters…) but it was small comfort to those of us more casual players with more limited rosters. so we lost half our war band in a couple of months.

I wonder if some of your warring alliance mates have more developed rosters and troops than you do?

I’ve found that war is more fun when most/all of the warring players have similar strength rosters, then match-ups tend to be more balanced. (we have 4 warring players now, 3 of us have similar rosters while 1 is a bit behind, but that 1 tends to do clean up more of the time so it works).

anyway, sorry to see you’re frustrated and hope you’re feeling a bit better.


This seems like a very small variation in offensive TP vs defensive TP. In today’s war these were the TPs of my attack teams vs the defense teams:

4644 vs 4694
4620 vs 5038
4606 vs 4940
4257 v 4906
4616 v 4925
4451 vs 4903

So that’s an average of 369TP difference per matchup.

The TPs above are a bit lower than usual on account of it being a rush war.

My expectation going into any raid is that there will usually be a 200-400 TP difference (this used to be quite a bit bigger than my own heroes were not max embemed with some LBd). Whilst I dont take much stock of TP I look at the same or lower TP (which I never see, but still) as almost an instant win.

Baldur is not very well liked by most players. I like him a lot, and I have him Lb’d - but there are very few scenarios where I would use him in defense. There are very specific offensive teams he works in, but outside of those he is not very good. Great in PVE though.

Now in defense he will keep boosting himself if you keep throwing tiles at him. So you want to try to kill off the other heroes first and more or less ignore him (as his attack won’t do too much to you - make sure you have 1 or 2 healers on hand). If you are not able to leave him until last and need to take him out then kill him with a combination of specials, plus you may want to stack 3 or more blues. He is one of the less dangerous heroes in defense but you do need to figure out what not to do with him and that would rarely happen on the first encounter.


Not gonna happen. I’m done.

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This last rush war has been a killer. Quite a few in my alliance wanted to say - No More! No more rush war participation. But I think we’ve all agreed to put the horrible experience behind us and move back to having fun.

Double ressurectors, Xnolphods, it’s horrendous, and a seemingly impossible situation, especially if your teams are a little weaker than theirs.

I think slow heroes with LB are a bit too strong now in rush wars… one cascade and boom you’re almost dead, and they have a wall of minions, riposters, mother norths charged etc.

Anyway, it’s making me feel ill to write about it! I need to forget these last two wars and move on.

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Read what I wrote: HE WAS THE LAST ONE. 5-on-1 and he STILL ran out the clock, FOUR TIMES.

UPDATE: my sole opponent wiped my 4509 defense team out 3 times. Never had a chance to win. 4502 to 806. If that’s not a rigged game, I don’t know what is, and I’ve been a game developer for over 40 years…

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If you lose 5v1 against Baldur alone, you have an issue with your team mate, not Baldur. Understandable if you mentioned Guardian Owl, MN, Albe, or those AoE/Hits multiple heroes, but Baldur… That really means you’re very lucky to take out the other 4 heroes based on tiles alone.


I tend to agree that very often certain alliance members may drag down the whole alliance (btw, I was one of them when I started playing).

However I don’t agree that “boards are rigged”, “opponents are invincible” or anything else. For example Baldur is a pretty weak hero and there are multiple ways of beating him.

And you definitely don’t need to put in any $$$ in order to win wars consistently.

For example - my current record of 1 vs 1 war wins is almost 40 wins to 0 losses (stopped counting at some point, started to war seriously when Alliance quest came up for the first time ever). And I don’t pay for anything except for ViP (and recently again, Path of Valor). My heroes are almost exclusively limit broken and emblemed classic season 1 4*. BTW I only play for a year and 3 months.

And if for three years of playing you still don’t know where you are going wrong… And seriously, never ever saw Baldur for 3 years of play???


I guess I can’t afford to buy 10000 draws to get the Baldur-killer, whatever THAT is!

All I can imagine is that you had a rainbow team of healers and that your sole strategy was to dump tiles into baldur. I can’t imagine any other way that you could have lost once let alone multiple times.


Only one Vivica, twice, when I was whittling them down. After that, all attackers.

If that’s the case, how did he even manage to take out 4 of the opponent heroes. No attacker, rainbow heroes. Impossible. Thought of it; still doesn’t make sense though.

Well easiest if you are on a 5-on-1 situation… well, literally ANY 5 blue heroes will win it. 3 or 4 tiles into him and he is dead


I watched Baldur launch three consecutive attacks, 2 normal and 1 super attack, before I was allowed to act. Not once, but six different times. I know it’s no bug.

Even with his super attack he only does 200-300 max damage per hit? That’s just per round, to one of your still 5 standing hero. You’re clearly at the advantageous position considering you get to ghost tiles to charge whoever it is.

Bear in mind hey I have my fair share of criticism to SG, however I don’t really complaint much on heroes (Alfrike, Pengi, etc) because I get it we win some we lose some, and we get to learn something. Sometimes I’ll lose to a silly hero like say Elkanen, I’ll just laugh it off and admit it’s my mistake for underestimating the hero and timing, but hey! It happens.

But losing to Baldur though on a 5v1. In no way I could think Baldur will wipe out my entire team alone, even if it’s a 4* team.

I’m not trying to sound condescending or downplay this, but you should really look at Baldur’ cards properly, cool down and think about it. It really sounds ridiculous to lose to Baldur 5v1 (unless the most plausible scenario I can think off, all of your heroes are in the red and he hits your only healer dead (bear in mind, 200-300 damages).


Yes it’s tough I feel your pain ! Especially when revives bring back the whole team not once but 3 times as in my case yesterday . I was absolutely livid and if it wasn’t for the good people in my Alliance, i think i would’ve raged quit. When my rage subsided i spoke to the best players in the Alliance how they were getting 6 os every war ? It’s not because they have attained every single hero going, but in gavt they have checked all basis before going ahead have you ?

The truth about this game is quite simple my friend - everything depends on randomness which is the essence of this game.

Now, you can reduce this random factor, buy learning some strategy, and much more importantly, by getting the best heros in the game. More you have them, more control over randomness you have. To stay at that level, you should keep the incoming rate of fresh heros stable. But remember, you will never be 100% certain about anything. :slight_smile:

The only questions are: how much randomness are you willing to accept? And how much are you ready to invest in reduction of randomness in your game life. :man_shrugging:

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