Network Disconnect and Trophy Loss

I have an issue with network disconnects and trophy loss. When I’m playing, I get that if I flee a raid, I’ll lose trophies. However, if I’m disconnected from a Wi-Fi network (doesn’t need to be my home one), the game counts that as a flee or quit, and I lose trophies. I think that’s bad programming. I’ve played other games that will maintain state should a network disconnect occur, so you’d be where you left off, rather than lose items, energy (world, raid, Titan), or something else. The game should be able to determine whether or not I purposefully left or if it was disconnected. In particular with a raid, I lose not only the trophies, but the raid energy as well. It also counts against your 3 chances for revenge. If it’s on a special event, or quest, you lose the progress and the world energy used for that instance. I don’t think this lends to a good experience. I would rather feel like, “Oh, I got disconnected. OK, I’ll try again” rather than, “OH NO! I lost my trophies and raid energy AND that counts against me as a chance to get revenge (since you only get 3 tries).” That’s not a good way to feel, it’s not a good experience, and it’s not good programming.

If you could disconnect from a fight without losing World Energy or Raid Energy or chances at revenge, many players would cheat by going into a fight, then turning on Airplane Mode if they didn’t like the board.

As for maintaining state, that would actually create a couple of issues. For one, it would allow for a more sophisticated class of cheat engines and exploits (example: attack someone at low trophies, and if you get a good board, disconnect and wait for their trophies to go up). For another, the game has no idea how long you’ve actually been disconnected for, or how long it might be until you restore. It would create a ton of hanging sessions.


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