Network connection lost - Android


Account: #5LL561, Version 1.12.7 Build 742
Frequently, while I am usually on missions, the game loses connection to the server, and reboots itself. It never brings me back to the fight. It just happened a few minutes ago, I lost my world energy, and the loot I was about to win. Not to mention I wasted my crafted items - healing and mana potions, arrows, etc. because the app crashed just as I was about to kill the boss monster. Would someone please look into fixing this? And is there tech support somewhere that can reimburse the crafted items? Or even the components to crafted items? I don’t mind the crafting, it’s just such a chore grinding for these items to have them be wasted in such a manner. Also, after the game crashed, I made sure to check my Wi-Fi, and it was working fine, so this appears to be on the game server side. Thanks!


I got disconnected about the same time, about an hour ago (during a titan attack). I’m using LTE, had full bars. I was able to switch to browser & pull up pages while waiting to reconnect, so probably just a server hiccup.
It’s unlikely we will be reimbursed for this, as there’s no hard proof, and not enough users complaining, and it’s probably covered in the Terms of Use :slight_smile:


This is happening lots to me in raids, to be victorious then the game crashes withing the results and when it comes back, I find my self losing to the guy I already killed !!
Its so annoying.


I just happened, connection error when all the WiFi signal is ok, I lost without starting the energy and lost the glasses. Since a few days the improvements are worse, lack of more detailed evidence ?. I suggest to keep in mind that for each modification to the application you must try everything independently if a part was modified or not. I see that they need more in-depth testing before leaving with an update.

They improve something and damage

Design errors like farms, mines, connection errors in assaults, titan, provinces, everything is lost with connection, invoking heroes too, going from a 6 * titan to an 8 * titan, that had not been seen, this is a few examples of errors that I have noticed. Bad image of the designers and most of all of the architects who do not test in their entirety. Invest money in improving the platform. things.
That gives bad image to the game, insecurity in everything.


This is something I’d like to see in this game. In Fire Emblem Heroes, when you are errored out of a stage, or the app crashes when you are in a stage, the game takes you back to the point where you were when you get back. I think it would be nice if the game had some kind of cache to put you back where you were, at least in World Stages. I understand the reasoning for not doing that in Titans and Raids but for World Stages, I can’t see any.


I am getting to many disconnection recently since the upgrade and in the middle of a game without getting my energy back. Funny how this never happens when purchasing!:rofl:


The game should be able to reset to the beginning of a battle and restore the items you used in battle if the server is lost. This is a major frustration


The same issue. I have lost over houndrets of World points, Raids and Titan attacks due to lost of connection. Even if there are both wifi and cellphone data available. Annoying as f**k.


A number of people in our alliance have experienced the same thing. It is still happening.


Account #j819a1 version 1.14.2 built 782 - lost connection during raid - lost the energy. The game restarted after the screen got black. My net connection was good.


If I may add a small comment here as this type of thing was happening to my son on his phone.

Fortunately for him I am quite tech savvy because I understand how these things work.

Please note I am not sucking up for SG as it is also possible that they get lags in peak periods which is why it’s always wise to check to see at what times of the day these things are happening and if these failures happen within or around a 2hr period of themselves either in the mornings or afternoon then best to avoid those times.

Run down; your playing a game and all of a sudden your phone either goes black, shuts down or tells you, you lost connecting.

These are all issues that can accur when your phone or tablet runs it of memory space.

Memory is allocated by your device and can’t be changed on most devices and has nothing to do with storage space.
Everything you do on your phone is recorded by the memory whilst you are using and unbeknown to you when the game closes or your device shuts down it clears and refreshes that memory space which is why you can usually go straight back into it and it work’s again.

Also the message that comes up on your device which says ( lost connection) doesn’t necessarily mean you lost your Wi-Fi connect, it mostly means the game can’t function anymore ( so to speak) as your Wi-Fi it’s may be working just fine for another game or browser or what ever.

A, Minimize stuff running in the background
B, Depending on how often this accurs restart the game before each battle
C, restart/reboot your device before playing E&P

Putting your phone in sleep mode doesn’t restore memory, only rebooting does.

As for my son he reboots before entering the game and he is fine for about 20 minutes, but he also knows to keep an eye out on how long he is playing for and if need be will leave the game the and re-enter it.

Keep in mind that EVERYTHING you do on your device is remembered within the memory which shortens the space for the next thing you do on your device.

E&P being a fantastically made high definition graphics game requires plenty of room.

Just a pointer for you falks to think about before attacking/blaming SG for something that they can do nothing about.

Hope this helps some of you.