Netflix documentary

Watched the new documentary “The Social Dilemma”. Scary stuff.

I’d highly recommend people here watch it, if you have the platform. Throughout, I drew many many parallels to SGG methods apparent in this game.


Cool yall uk hippo yeah? Soo should be Albe to watch it on netflix.

Yeah, good old :uk: here! Not sure about the localisations, hopefully you’ll find it.


Will give a blast as Netflix do F the UK. Give me lucha underground haha.
Will this thread vanish aswell? Haha

English please?
20 furrowed eyebrows

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That was an excellent documentary. As an older person I feel I’m much less affected by social media but I fear greatly for my grandchildren!


Just watched this, in 2012 my fb account was banned for 3 months due to my belfies on stuff fb contacted me back I told them to go F YOURSELF. So got a 6 month ban. They lost me after that I hardly use it anymore. Prob best thing iv ever done. I probably use it once a week maybe.
I am in the camp of I don’t believe on what you tell me in the world in general, certain subjects you will never change my mind.
Me and friends have a vibrate only rule when we out, you check if it important reply if not back in pocket.
Parents to blame for buying the kids the phone in the first place a lady I worked with got her teen kid a iphone so it’s got the tracking on it. As if she in trouble on the streets somthing could be done. Said to her go down the police station and ask when was the last kidnap kid happen in London randomly, or was they they using a phone that connected to loads of people? Which would you be more scarred of.

Did Zynga purchase SG?
Did they purchase us?

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The manipulative brain training and addiction that this game does to unwary new players predates Zynga by a long way. On the contrary, it’s likely the main reason why they were interested.

Manipulation and addiction are not exclusive to new players.
Which is scary!
Older… Wary players… can also be zapped!

I feel like there are some differences between this and that. In regards to the documentary.

SG made a product, which you pay for!
A successful product with a predatory business model for gambling impulses. And the accompanied difficulty for applying perceived value.
Which… both are human conditions!

The Social Dilemma was pretty clear about the products that you DO NOT pay for,
Then you ARE the product!
And those services are wealthy beyond imagination. They do not have houses at ski resorts… no.
They have estates, multiple estates.
Across the globe!
Because they know what type of politics that
they’re "products" exercise. What type of food you eat. What level of self esteem you have. What interests you search for. And allow pathways for these things to be…


What data could SG harvest? How many times you raided yesterday?
Good luck selling that to an advertiser!

It could be debated as to if the world is a better place because of loot box gaming.

Which…for me…begs the question, Where is the product that makes the world a better place?

Wasting away on YouTube. Scrolling away on Facebook. Grinding away in E&P… WE are that product! Distracted while the world burns

This game has ratcheted up the… limited offers…
And the demand for…things to do has become aggressive with the amount of time that I would personally like to offer.
Other than that,
I don’t feel like a doppelgänger just yet.
When I do…image

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