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First time 6x 1shots- war hits Friends till death vs Team Agine

Hope I’m in the right location. Very happy with my six 1shots in this war!

I’m now playing this game for 9months 3 weeks and have spent a total of 56€ on this game (25 was a gift card)

Made 2 commentary vids on raiding recently, enjoy

slow paced diamond raiding with commentary and visual aid ->

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3* rush attack - unleashing hell (6:57)

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3* rush attack day 2. Last fight is soooooo clutch! 3x enemy hero below 40 hp!!

Had some nice war hits today, come check it out!

War with commentary? Yes please!

Had a nice war today! All 6 hits are here -> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRFyM3y4sBbpAaKSBIIoIBGuvoV_5u2Du

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