Nerfing Telluria (Mar 2020 HOTM) ---> POLL IN POST #2; [Staff Comment Post #1445 & #4422]

I typed up three paragraphs to make this point and deleted it because I didn’t want the OP to think I was attacking so I just gif-ed it. Agree with you 100%. I’ve been playing this game only 4 months and I need heroes like this eventually. I actually did pull a Telluria, won’t be able to max her for months but I still cherish her precisely because she’s a great hero that I can build good defense around. Great heroes with the ability to knock around the meta once in a while is a good thing imo.


Believe it or not but she was initially introduced to Beta in an absurdly powerful state, and this is her after she was adjusted from that :stuck_out_tongue:

She’s the queen of stalling, pure and simple. Her HoT and minions indeed make her team very bulky, and the mana delay further aids with that.

Do note that her damage to all enemies is not that much higher than Jahangir’s… so I think if she gets one of her things taken away, she won’t be a very impressive hero to begin with.

Disclaimer – I will admit that I have Mitsuko, which makes dealing with the Telluria tank + Vela / Athena flank combo much, much easier.


Maybe the vela tell combo could be tweaked ever so slightly.

I am finding it easier to beat telluria teams than to beat ursena teams though.


Well indeed she is strong, but not necessarily has to be nerfed. She makes the game more interesting and challenging. And green need a strong tank too right? So she is the answer. Soon or later u fill find a way to beat her.

@GOON18 oh now i see that mysterious goon is a woman. I thought you were a man lol. Btw u are goon, the guardian of peer support right?


I love that there is another great tank in the game. One of a different color. Telluria also makes certain heroes more desirable. My Mitsuko and Grazul are seeing a lot more play time these days. The Telluria/Vela combo shows how a lot of heroes can become better, based not on them changing, but on the evolving meta.


(Goon! leaves offering of Ramen)


Not just once but she was “adjusted” two times in beta :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl: and comments were still mixed there :stuck_out_tongue:

Introduced in Beta V25
Reappeared in Beta V26 with reduced damage & reduced Minion HP %
Changed again in V26/V27 to reduce the duration of Mana Slow & the Duration of Heal over Time


honestly i wanted to start a thread to petition to bring telluria back to v26 :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks everyone for proving my point that nobody cares bout balance in the game since everyone has accepted that either

  1. The game is jus gearing towards an imbalanced power creep
  2. Suck it up and go chase heroes ( Yay SG)
  3. Telluria isnt OP if you are rich enough
  4. The only way to nerf is to make more OP heroes

Just because a hero has been adjusted in Beta does not mean it still cant be OP

Also, Finley nerf needs to be made.

Or maybe jus make more red reflect heroes to stop GMs

Beating a dead horse.


I just do not understand why she has resist minion removal! I mean wth is It gonna take to make my 9 grimbles worth while? :crazy_face: Between her defense stat and paladin class though, she is much harder to take out than ursena with tile damage. Few 3x 4*s can muster enough attack stat to take her out with 6 tiles, at least for those of us who haven’t been around long to collect a thousand plus emblems


Please use some logic.

Is a 1000 KG weight balanced?

It’s not against a 100 gram weight. But it’s balanced against another 1000KG weight.

Balance requires comparison. IF every hero is “OP”, no hero is OP. They are balanced against each other, just like 1000KG weights are balanced against each other.

Thus, the game absolutely IS balanced.

Or do you want all heroes to have 1 atk 1 def 1 hp with no special skills? How’s that for balance?


Oh, look. Another nerf (insert hero here) thread.



On the real,

I’ve faced about 5 people with Telluria tanks.

I’ve killed telluria 5 times, with a 100% kill rate.

I’ve lost all 5 raids, with a 100% fail rate.

Know what I learned? Telluria isnt invincible, but with the right team, its unbeatable.

Same goes with any tank with a great flank set.


Did u even read the original ?


Yeah, and I just went back to read it again. Still not making sense. you can’t just arbitrarily say “all heroes above a certain threshold I want are OP and should not be released.”

It doesn’t work that way.


Its just going in circles

@Rook @zephyr1 @Guvnor kindly close the topic since jts going nowhere. Thanks.


As requested. Closing thread.


Telluria needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Stopped raiding teams with T as tank. Why bother?
Proof of how badly sg judged tellurias strength sits in top of the leaderboard. If you don’t have Telluria your not going to be there. The biggest piece of evidence is how many cups the average top player has. It’s jumped nearly 100 cups since everyone started getting T maxed.

Skip skip skip skip yawn… skip skip skip…


ursena too. And guin and BK. Oh, and Finley, Kingston, Zeline etc are all too overpowered. And can’t forget GM…

And then, after nerfing those heroes, some other heroes will now be comparatively OP, so let’s just nerf them all to 1 atk 1 def 1 hp. That way everything is balanced and fair.


They won’t nerf a hero after people have spent money, in some cases a lot, to get a hero. That’s why they run them through beta. A couple years ago they did some nerfing to Guin and Zeline, and reverted the ideas because of the money spent. They will continue to buff heroes and release counters. That is the way to do it.


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