Nerfing Telluria (Mar 2020 HOTM) ---> POLL IN POST #2; [Staff Comment Post #1445 & #4422]

I see that many are not even being objective regarding telluria, having invested a lot of money is not a justification for not nerfing telluria, economic investment is optional for those who suggest doing it in order to have better, but at no time E&P, Obliga your audience to invest money … From the very beginning the game is installed, accept its terms and conditions! Therefore, E&P is not obliged to return anything, and can make the modifications that are relevant to the satisfaction of its public.


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No guarantees there. Look what they did to Guin. They nerfed her in Beta. They nerfed her again post release. She became obsolete within a few months. Switched to dark tanks when Kunchen was released.

Guin is now an easy target. A very easy target. With a strong dark team. Think Seshat, Panther with Kunchen.

Instead of nerfing Tell, just introduce anti Tell heroes. Hey … if they can do it for Guin, why not Tell? Just need to have a 5* version of Falcon… hey that actually exists…, it’s called Guardian Kong: give guardian Kong deep green penetration. Throw in Baldur with some kick ■■■ specials. Tell will just become a normal tank after that.

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I respect your research and tenacity in obtaining her.
But that quote alone proves that people knew she was really good (a BMW, as you previously mentioned), which begets the question… You really didnt expect a nerf coming?

They werent indestructible, and they didnt take the game by storm in 1 week.
Also, for the record, Aegir was majorly adjusted in beta to be absolute trash in real game, and then rebuffed and still kinda is iffy.
Guin has undergone 2 major nerfs in 6 months. Oh the outcry.
Not sure about Kunchen though…

Thats also precisely the retrospect that many on this forum post have. Those with her don’t want her nerfed because she is one of the heroes they prepared a lot for, with resources etc… BECAUSE she is SIMPLY SO POWERFUL.

FYI, I have a full GTV Team, and I would be perfectly happy if Telluria is rebalanced.

Once again, I would like to highlight the history of our heroes being majorly nerfed and still highly sought after.

Stop overreacting! SG has implicitly said Tell will still be a tank option after nerf, so why are we acting like she is gonna be atomos later.


Reminder to please stick to the topic of this here thread (that is whether Telluria does or does not need to be nerfed).

Also a reminder to remain within the #forum-rules (click the hash-tag if you need a refresher). Specifically:



How many people think Telluria is too much when matched with Vela, and is not too much otherwise? I hear her popularity is frustrating. How popular is Vela? I’m not high enough in the cup count to see for myself.

I AM POSTING THE DEFINITION OF NERFED SO people can understand this and stop whinning.

To “nerf” something means to reduce its ‘power’ or effectiveness within the game. Often times this is to solve some problem in the game (such as an ‘overpowered’ weapon/ability or super effective strategy), or to push the players in one direction or another (such as a new cosmetic/item/character).

This happens in EVERY SINGLE VIDEO GAME EVER. So stop complaining about this and let the devs do their job in peace so they can balance the game so its fun to play again.


…This is the thread to talk about nerfing Telluria, right? The one best thread to ask about it, and this whole thread exists for no other purpose?

Actually no,

Is the better thread, given it is headed by a dev, so the assumptiont they will read is higher.

Also, this is 5.3k, that one is 2.5k…

Ah… I assumed the title & higher post count here made it easier for mods to divide “Telluria specifically” and “maybe some other buffs/nerfs too.” Thanks for setting me straight.

sigh Back to the tavern brawl…

Pretty sure they skeemed through this forum post which partially led to the nerfing itself…

But there are more “constructive” opinions in that post with regards to “other” heroes that needs a rebalance…

If they are hardworking enough to sccroll through the brawl.

They’ve been paying attention to both, as much as they reasonably can.

But the expectation is both threads will be retired when Beta opens, and the new threads for discussing the actual changes being tested in Beta are published.

They’re trying to get the changes into Beta today, so that may happen later today. If not, it’ll be next week.


I didn’t see the Guv’s original comment so cannot comment on the context and appropriateness of the comment but on the subject of “quitting the game” - that in my view has its merits.

If you see that the future of this game is turning to trash, everything you have paid so far to date is a sunk cost and if things will only get worse, then it’s only rational to quit before you lose even more, no ?

I think anyone could see miles away that Telly was very strong. I nearly did not pull her despite all the tokens I saved and in the end fluked a pull on the second last day of the month.

I am FTP - had I not pulled her would you have called me inept?

Thanks for that. I’m not even going to go into that thread for now. It’s too loud. I’m just afraid right now that Telluria might get nerfed, but not in the right place, and it doesn’t even fix the problem. I’d like to try & find the root of the problem and which part exactly is causing so much grief, but people aren’t getting past SHE’S A WITCH! BURN HER!!! and This isn’t my nose, it’s a false one! But I’m sure you all know this pain at this point… Guess I’ll just go to bed. I really am looking forward to your Beta Beat post. Thanks for writing those. :slight_smile:

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I hopenthe devs just do a proper nerf and dont listen to all these cry babies not wanting this over powered hero touched because they know how powerful he is.

Its funny listening to all the excuses they give, because they dont want him touched because they know they have a clear advantage when using him.

I also hope that the beta testers give their honest opinions on him and try and tell the devs to give him some miniscule that wont change anything because they own him also.

I was not playing the game when Tell was released and would I have like to got him ? Of course, but would i complain as much as every is on here if he got nerfed ? Not a chance in the world.

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Telluria is a lady! :roll_eyes:

Agreed, the suggestions in the places to nerf her seems all manageable and reasonable to make her still a top tier tank, but SG also has a bad history of shaving things that doesnt need to be changed.

Problem is reverse though, BETA testers’ opinions are often ignored.

EDIT: the screams of nerfs are often ignored

So the devs ignore the beta testers, then whats the use in having Beta testers lol ?

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