Nerfing Telluria (Mar 2020 HOTM) ---> POLL IN POST #2; [Staff Comment Post #1445 & #4422]

Everyone who doesn’t have telluria keep complaining… Who want to nerf telluria, those that don’t have her. So i don’t have, gravemaker, vela, JF, drake, ursena, kunchen, guinevere, i don’t have a lot ot heroes, SGG please nerf all heroes i don’t have and make my heroes stronger :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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There is no way that can happen. Did you say that would never happen?

I must have missed all the long threads about nerfing all the OP heros that have been released in the past 2.5 yrs. (SGG has definetly been pushing much stronger Hotm since the start of the year) Im also trying to think about all the heros I mentioned needing a nerf since I’ve been playing… wait, it’s been 0 until now.

We have had people compare stats and percentages, seems like an A+++ character when we need an A+

Nonnerf arguements are: bait-switch, people are jealous, or easy to beat and others just cant figure it out or have the skills to play.


Sign me up for lessons please. :blush:

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for me it is clear this game is of strategies an endless number of heroes, to be able to beat the strong, that some players do not understand that concept it is something else :pensando:

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It’s probably all semantics but she is of course beatable - but you need an “above average” board at least, never mind an amazing board.

Even “fast” Zimkitha cannot cleanse in time if I can’t find 8 tiles - Never mind Rigard’s 10 (or 9 with well levelled mana troop)!

Re: what is a good board or an average board, I think Ivy does well with this intro explanation:

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I don’t think they will ever “nerf” Telluria but I do think they are “adjusting” the game mechanics to make her “more bearable”. I’ve noticed lately she’s slightly more beatable compared to the first six weeks.

You are not alone. Me too.


Sometimes I’m really unhappy with tanks that are difficult but that doesn’t mean the devs have to bow to my frustration and nerf the hero that I have difficulty defeating.
However, really good discussion and good points on both sides​:wink::+1:


one of my guildmate lol


I think I am hearing more people complaining about Telluria. The best way to address that is come out with heroes with Characteristics that are her Kryptonite , those that play well against her. I think Malosi and Grazul can help but think about creating heroes that will play well against her and you solve the issue. The biggest mistake would be to nerf her after all those resources/money people may have spent on her. That would create more damage. Be creative!!! Think Kryptonite for Telluria!


Let us turn to facts, not feelings. At the moment, we have a HotM who is located approximately 80% of the defense teams of the entire diamond arena (95% of TOP-100) and the situation is getting worse every day.


I totally agree with all your points. Availability is the main concern and tell being flanked by vela is the killer. You want more reds heroes attacking to kill tell faster but then vela comes to put water (literally) to your plan.

Also, I agree finley, jabberwock and blk knight are extremely good in def, but they are far too less to face in raids.

What 2-2-1 heroes do you use vs g-t-v core tank? I use 4-1 zim, mitsuko, grave, grazul, finley with a fairly high success rate. My main goal is to fire mitsuko before vela and finley if present. Seeing them kill themselves is always satisfying, no matter how many times I’ve seen them.

Great post. Enjoyed a lot reading it.

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Still have to hold against this that below 2600 cups you dont see that many Tellys and if, then they often are without Vela flank and < 15 emblems, which just makes them a normal top tank.

I find it pretty funny, that Telly throws a wrench into mono red strategy! :smile:

Talking about “Facts” and then say “approximately” in the sentence after works very well together, if no one actually knows the exact numbers for the whole diamond arena.
I won’t deny that Telly is used by a lot of people, but I can confirm out of my own experience that @Elayanith is right. You won’t see so much Telly tanks between 2400-2600 cups. Just went down to 2200 cups yesterday with a 5 Telly Defense and am climbing up again, with my normal defense.
You may say that the Tellu wave will hit the lower ranks soon enough, but I actually doubt that she will have such a huge impact on raids as she has at the top. Why? Because most of the people in low diamond lack the emblems and will get smacked right down again, by the people with more roster depth.


Normal top tank with 95% in TOP-100)) At least one normal top tank has led to this situation before?

Yes, this is because I am not a developer (and neither are you) and the exact data is not available to any of us. I just made 100 rerolls in the raids and calculated the percentage at my level


I think it is better to just start ignoring people who are blatantly ignoring overwhelming evidence of what is happening

We have no choice but to play a broken game for a longer period of time. Eventually the fun will drain from new hero and some people will wake up…
The poll % are shifting and will continue to


@ArchiDevil You take your level + the top 100 and from that you make a conclusion for a whole tier, calling it “facts”. Don’t you see what’s wrong with that?

So speaking, the only real problem I see with Telluria due to raids is - and I’m stating this as my own opinion, not facts- that top players have to face her all the time and I can understand that it’s quite boring.
But does it affect the majority of the community?
Is it a problem that Telluria dominates the Top100?
I don’t think so because the Top100 was already irrelevant beforehand. That said @Pompitous why do you still use that titanmafia tank ranking picture to underline your “argument”? It just says nothing about any potential OPness of Telly… overused doesn’t equal overpowered.

Platinum to Low Diamond even benefit from Telluria as it’s easier to get to or maintain 2400cups.
As I said before top ranks are irrelevant on paper anyway and to be honest if someone reachs diamond going further above is even pretty damn pointless, too. People are getting their diamond chest and that’s all what matters and what mattered in the past. Plus you can get points for PoV now by raiding in dia.
There is nothing more to gain by going higher in rank compared to raid at 2400cups.
And please don’t talk about “diversity” or “challenge” in raids. Before Telly, one faced a handful of other tanks at the top and so often it were the same team constellations again and again. What was challenging back then? Actually nothing because anyone can win in raids.

The only other thing people are quite reasonable concerned are wars and those are actually the only thing, which is fun and challenging at the upper ranks.
Now the same old problem applies - Telluria is dominating every war and that’s boring because one has to face her again and again. Furthermore, no one had his/her roster ready to fight against 6 Tellus in a row with some decent success. Now I am telling you a secret - People will build up more and more teams which are able to compete. The only thing it takes is, guess what… time and patience


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