Nerfing Telluria (Mar 2020 HOTM) ---> POLL IN POST #2; [Staff Comment Post #1445 & #4422]

Because why someone will want Telly, if he has Delilah?

You dont understand me, they have made it, I am not speaking about Telluria, the other heroes where was created in past year. I have spent too much money first to get Telluria and second for purchasing for her, and if they nerf her I just will quit the game. If she was on another form I will not spent so much money.

How about adding following then,too.

I only went mono red against Tellu/Vela and I voted YES to nerf her.
She is everywhere, so I voted YES to nerf her

As Guvnor said all this are just accusations and it doesn’t matter if it is anonymous or not, it doesn’t add anything worth to the discussion. No, one would take this voting options + an anonymous poll would take the risk that people could manipulate the voting.

I have her and would accept a nerf just to get back some kind of variety. But much better than a nerf would be some decent alternatives in the future and lots of counter heroes.


Yea pointed that out myself. He still didn’t get it lol

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Can we try to summarize this thread? I don’t tihnk SGG will read all this … lol

Here’s my quick attempt at a summary:


  1. Telly has high def stats with paladin boost making the typical attacker use red stack (Note: Many red, green, blue mono/4-1/3-2 Team suggestions have been made)
  2. With GM-Telly-Vela(“GTV”), she slows mana before a typical (usually red stacked) attacker can ult making it difficult to recover from bad boards. It is her combination of specials at average manaspeed at issue.
  3. Vela’s “extra damage” and attack down hurt red stack and GM hurts green stack. Future meta may have more very fast DoT, so Quick Death and luck-based battles will only worsen.

1. Top Players: (Guess-estimate < 1% of playerbase but key loyal members of community)

  • Wars: Concerned about Tank and Flank Diversity (full 30 GTV Combos) in Wars becoming monotonous. Not enough counters to make 6 anti-GTV teams. Too big of a change in a short period of time compared to past OP tanks and flanks
  • Raids: Deep enough rosters so Raids aren’t the problem although it may be monotonous
  • Leaderboard: Not many care about leaderboard? For those who spend, will likely spend for top heroes and counters, which will naturally pushes them to have top defenses and attack teams

2. Casual C2P/F2P: (Majority of playerbase)

  • Wars: In the short term, they won’t be too affected because opponents won’t regularly have mostly max-emblemed Tellies with GM and Vela. Although, eventually, Telluria tanks may trickle down to more casual alliances.
  • Raids: Tired of seeing too many GM-Telly-Vela combos. Seems too difficult because lack of depth in roster (see Team Suggestions).
  • Leaderboard: Don’t care too much while in Platinum or lower Diamond

3. Newer Players: (New Growth for SGG and community)

  • War/Raids: Not sure how to beat Telly. But if they pulled a Telly, they’ll rage quit :sweat_smile: if she’s overnerfed … just like stealing their Christmas present…lol


  1. USEFUL!: Suggested Attack Teams (How do you beat Telluria in raids? and Telluria: Ender's TKO Tips On Defeating Telly )
  2. Break up GM-Telly-Vela synergy (rebalance trio to encourage more diversity)
  3. Nerf Telly (too many suggestions and may require an updated poll for specifics)
  4. Change War format and disincentivize specific tanks/combos/mono tanks (Possible ideas: War 2.0: Summary of Improvements )


  1. Newer stronger heroes will be coming out anyways (likely to include Telly counters). Powercreep is inevitable. Rate of powercreep and some balance of heroes and colors is the issue.
  2. Green is lacking good tanks and already has the worst of the worst (Atomos and Margaret … cough cough), but also some of the best (Kingston, Eve, Zeline and Lianna are some of the stronger/most useful heroes in the game)
  3. Disparity between top spenders will continue to grow (this includes newer heroes and emblems) vs. classic heroes where people already invested their mats and emblems. Costumes aren’t enough?
  4. How to balance interests of all players and keep the game fun???

I’m sure I missed a lot but let me know!


Bardic Post of the Day :medal_sports:

Good effort :+1:


Lol a biased as hell sarcastic response is considered good effort?

For me it’s typically a flag…

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Should I? :rofl: :wink:

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I think we’ve read the tone very differently


Go for it lol


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GM/Telly/Vela war defense Is equivalent to SG first world problems! Our mid-ranked alliance hasn’t seen a single telluria tank in war.

My attempt to make it slightly less biased.

Take out the ‘big spenders’, there’s plenty of long term players that are on a modest budget (c2p) in the top and even a handful of f2p.

From what I’m getting it’s the combination of all Telluria’s specials at average manaspeed that make her overpowered. There’s been several suggestions made to balance her out.

This makes top players look lazy and entitled. It’s not so much annoying as there just aren’t enough counters.

The people in the top 100 couldn’t care less about the leaderboard. That thing has lost it’s value years ago. Once you hit #1 once, you just raid to fill chests and cup count doesn’t mean anything. (I might be wrong on this one, but this is the general feeling I’m getting at the top)

It’s not just about the trifecta, it’s about Telluria as a tank alone mainly. Eventually, Telluria tanks will trickle down to more casual alliances. It might just take a little longer as people might not have the resources ready.

But also some of the best: Kingston, Eve, Zeline and Lianna are some of the stronger/most useful heroes in the game.


You may not have seen one yet, but it’ll happen, trust me.


100% agreed…20 agreements.



20 chars…


Yay and to top it all we now have a nerf Malosi thread.
Just remind me who are the next three HOTM. Should we start the threads now?


It’s hard it’s difficult, but I don’t want to start nerffing heroes all the time, they did that to JF, before to Aegir so what’s the conclusion ? Let’s find solutions by using better organized teams but don’t touch the heroes, finally this game back some excitement again, till Tell was released game was bored as …uk, now everyone try to find the way to kill that beast, scores are lower on a wars and now chances r bigger for everyone, in my opinion just give some more heroes who can counter Telli and everybody will be happy again,mostly is not about TCat is about her flanks which kill U, Best Regards from the North


Sad day when all these people can’t see how unbalanced the game is sitting currently because they got theirs. I also don’t believe any of these I beat telluria 90% of the time bs posts.

Even pushed to slow telluria would be a top tank.

This is still the very early in the age of telluria. Wait until every else gets their tonics ovet the next few months.

So be it. See how your I beat telluria with a garbage purple team once a long time ago turns out.

@TheChef tried his best to warn you guys and you snubbed him.


I have now officially given up fighting the good fight though. After seeing the Nerf Malosi thread I realised that I really shouldn’t bother.

People only want to protect their own investment :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign: and couldn’t care less about a healthy balanced game.