Nerfing Telluria (Mar 2020 HOTM) ---> POLL IN POST #2; [Staff Comment Post #1445 & #4422]

Let’s face it, for an Average speed hero, Telluria is insanely OP.

  1. Has really good stats (which isnt a problem)
  2. Deals damage
  3. Creates minions for ALL allies
  4. Heals ALL allies over time
  5. Reduce Mana regeneration % for ALL enemies
  6. Crit boost for elemental link

For an average speed hero, that is way too much being done.

I’m not even gonna go into the specifics of troop and emblem class suitability.

I strongly believe Telluria needs to be nerfed.

My personal Suggestion is to either

  1. Make all buffs/ailments for nearby allies/target and nearby only,
  2. Remove the heal, since minion is technically a heal, or
  3. Remove the -% mana regeneration.
    Any of it seems to make it more balanced IMO.

[I KNOW there are more OP heroes upcoming, but lets just focus on the topic here]

:question::question::question::question: POLL TIME!

:question: Does Telluria Need a Nerf?

  • Yes
  • No

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:question: Does the Synergy Between Telluria & Other Flanks need to back off?

  • Yes - Specifically the Vela / Telluria Combo
  • Yes - Specifically the GM / Telluria Combo
  • Yes - Specifically the GM / Telluria / Vela Combo
  • No

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:question: What change would you make to Telluria?

  • No Changes Needed
  • Reduce her speed from Average to Slow
  • Reduce the duration of the Mana Slow
  • Remove the Mana Slow Effect
  • Reduce/ Remove the Healing
  • Remove the Damage Component
  • Combination of the above

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Perhaps you missed that Telluria was nerfed already. I think really what the poster’s complaint is that Telluria is a strong hero. Yes, it is, but some are strong, like Gravy, Kunch, Guin, and some are weak, like Anzogh, Neith or the guy on the mule. Just go and pull for Telluria, and if you get her/him, be happy. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


She’s a great tank, but doesn’t need to be nerfed. All the good tanks will punish on a bad board and she is not as punishing as Guin or Ursens IMO.


She’s strong for sure, but not OP:

  • Damage output is pretty low at 130% of 661 (on the card you posted). In fact, I think it may be the lowest AoE/5 in the game.
  • Minions are decent strength, this is true. They get annoying in numbers. Not really OP as minions go though. Lady of the Lake and Seshat minions are way more annoying (my opinion of course).
  • Health recovery is pretty low at 411 over 3. Might get you another 1/2 turn, but I wouldn’t really think it’s an OP benefit on defense.

Minions give all allies instant 277HP, with a 411 HP over 3 turns.

Her being tank, on average speed, with that defence and health, means its easy to get 2 or 3 minions on her other heroes BEFORE you manage to kill her.


Anyway, I’m beating a dead horse here

Nobody cares about nerfs anymore anyway. Just suck it up and chase them, right?

I’m jus putting it out there that Telluria needs to be nerfed.

Alongside the other 848200480101 OP heroes upcoming.


I completly disagree, new hero should be more powerfull then before.
And at this times it is just too early to judge Telluria is an OP, just like Guin, Kunchen, etc… we should try to create a new strategy with our new heroes… like example anti-Telluria:
Grazul with very fast block status, and…
Anzogh with resist to mana generation… and …
Grimble to remove all minions except Telluria…
Or any other strategy with S3 heores… and so on.


It’s not that nobody cares, it’s that you are wrong.

She is strong, but not cant be beat strong. You need to be able to seperate the difference between YOU not being able to beat her and being OP.

Heroes are getting stronger. They should. This how the game stays interesting.


I also disagree. I think there needs to be a couple a great tank options of each color. This will help with war tank as well as raiding variety. Before Telluria we only had a very hard to get Yunan for green. With the addition of another solid green tank, we’re looking at seeing more than just blue, purple and yellow in Wars.

I also echo what @jinbatsu noted - there are plenty of counters to her specials. Think carefully about what you want to avoid and look at what you have available. Try different heroes like Proteus or Hansel (if available) to shut down her special. Stack several red on your team and target her first. Use mana reducers like Chao, Li or Leo. She’s tough, but she can be beat.


I am 2-0 against Telluria tanks in raids, one with 18 emblems. An incredibly small sample size, but clearly she(?) is not so OP as to be unbeatable with good/decent boards and a strong mono red team.


And hi there Goon :heart:

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Not to pile on, but Green needed a real tank. Everything else was too slow.

Besides… there are so many red options to burn Telluria and the surrounding forest, I’m not sure you can even call it OP. Just because you cannot beat the hero or don’t like it, doesn’t mean it is OP.

Does it make a raid less of a sure thing to have Telluria vs another green tank? Yes. So. What.

Yunan, in my opinion, does the same to people (depending on flanks).

Play differently or avoid Telluria tanks. You’ll be fine and the rest of us will continue to absolutely destroy Telluria.

I should note: I have almost none of the new HOTM, no S3 5* and none of the new event 5*


games that start arms races die out in less than a year. Speaking as someone who does not have Guin, nor Gravemaker, I get that you want strong heroes that aren’t Guin or Gravemaker, but as someone who does spend in the game, I don’t want the game to die, and be out all I have invested :slight_smile:


Games that stay stale die sooner.


The effervescent debates around Neith and Atmos would speak to the contrary!



This makes no sense at all. If every hero is OP, then no hero is OP.

Heroes aren’t strong or weak in a vacuum. They are only strong or weak relative to each other.

Should new players all suck it up that old gatekeepers try to nerf every new hero into oblivion so they can reign forever?


I’ve successfully raided 5-0 +16 or higher Telluria with 4*s no problem when she was flank (TP4300+).

As for tank, you need a well crafted offence and gameplan but no more difficult than guin, kunchen, or ursena.

If you nerf Telluria, greens will be left with Atomos… ATOMOS! :rofl:


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