Nerfing "Nerf/Buff Threads" POLL

The recent craziness of both JF and Telluria threads over the last few months, (with Vela thrown in) has been ALOT. Anyone else tired of seeing the exact same information repeated over and over again in multiple threads? (by the way I commend the mods for keeping up with it all and keeping their patience with everyone)

  • Please no more buff/nerf threads! I can’t take it.
  • I LOVE the debate give me more buff/nerf threads

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No more buff/nerf threads. It’s ridiculous.


Can we buff more buff/nerf threads?


lol guess in all fairness that should have been a possibility.

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If you shut up and take it they’ll never listen and feed you more broken garbage 6 months down the road in the name of profit.


Just seems like 3 years into this game they have a better idea of the direction they are headed and what it takes to balance things out. And since it is done month by month we should be more patient.
It’s only been in the last couple of months the threads have gotten beyond ridiculous in number. I think sometimes the game has to be fleshed out a bit. Look at all the people screaming for a JF buff, but then you realize if he had been stronger the synergy with him and Vela and Telluria would be crazy.

Besides I’m not saying people shouldn’t make the opinion for a buff or nerf… I’m just saying it gets old saying it 1000 times over and over and over and over and over again…


The cost of complaining is too cheap!


I have to admit this is all getting very repetitive, month after month - JF, Vela, Telluria, Guinevere and Kunchen to name a few.
It’s kind of putting me off the game.
Now when I wake up tomorrow, I will have had God knows how many visitors to my stronghold and they will have borrowed my trophies …and I bet the teams include, Guinevere and Black Knight and Kunchen and Ursena and whoever … but I look at it and think, they have these super heroes, they are better / stronger / more skilled than mine and I take it on the chin.
I certainly don’t come into the forum shouting you need to nerf this and buff that.
It will soon blow over about Telluria when they bring a new shiny super hero out in a couple of months that everyone wants … and then it starts the ball rolling again.
Why can’t we all just play the game and enjoy it for what it is …


If they bother you just don’t read those threads?


I’ve lived through all of that so far and there’s always been a somewhat reliable solution to these problems available to F2P.

That’s no longer the case.

I have long been a champion of lost cause heroes and advocated their buffing.

That is a good point. And I do ignore them for the most part. But when 3-5 of the 10 threads on the main are nothing but nerf this hero buff this hero it gets hard to ignore it. Like I said, I’m not against them. Just needs to all be toned down a bit and stop being the same thing over and over in numerous threads. Even other threads start to get hijacked for people to make their point, or carry over the snarkiness to unrelated threads.


That’s fair. I am not a fan of those threads either. I think it is a good function of the forum to provide a place where we can debate whether or not a hero is too weak or powerful. But constant demands or pleas to SG to buff or nerf are not constructive or realistic.


I think we are probably of a similar mindset it seems.

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Not really. There are tons of those “count to XYZ before a mod posts” threads and I haven’t felt the urge to click on any of them.

Or the Alliance recruitment threads that litter the front page. If you’re not interested, don’t click on it. If it annoys you, don’t click on it even more.

The POV arguments started to really annoy me, even though I was like 90% of it for the first 200 posts; and so what I did was, I stopped visiting the forums for a week, and then decided to not look at any POV thread again. Similar thing with the nerf/anti-nerfer thread MSP made.

If other people want to share their opinion (even if it has already been voiced by other people) they should be free to do so. If they think there’s something wrong with other people’s arguments, they should be allowed to point it out.

These meta-posts where complainers complain about people complaining honestly annoy me more.


A co to sÄ… te wÄ…tki buff nefr?

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Daily Quest: Read 10 forum threads about how POV is too hard
Daily Quest: Read 10 forum threads about how POV is too easy


I say we get beta testers to do there job properly and we wouldn’t have buff/ nerf threads

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it’s not the beta-testers fault what SG decides on, and besides, no matter what, there will always be people who are unsatisfied.


Yeah I don’t think blaming Beta testers is accurate… They are constantly complaining about how little input they have. Seems to me they are there for SG to get some sample data about features and heroes more than they are looking for input from them.

As for complaining about complainers, like the rest of everyone on here I have too much time on my hands and nothing else better to do with my time. People don’t have to click on my post either I guess.


Who is to say what can or can’t be discussed so long as it doesn’t offend forum rules


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