Nerfing is stealing!

Let’s not forget, amidst the hubbub of nerfs to individual heroes — which I’m not here looking to minimize, only to place in context — that the Big Imbalance Update is effectively nerfing every older 5* hero without costumes and every 4* by comparison, by handing out something like a “costume bonus” of stat boosts to modern (already big) heroes for free while trying to sell us the same stat boosts for older heroes in the guise of costumes that, increasingly, change little other than slight Special tweaks and really, stat boosts.

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Would not have said it any better :clap::clap:


Is simply a nerf to your paycheck

We are still deciding on the percentage of the Nerf. We reserve the right to nerf your paycheck in the future at any given time with no notice.

In fact, we are going to proportionally increase our Nerf in direct proportion to the OP Portal released heroes.

We will conduct beta testing on this nerf, bit will likely ignore feedback.

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Not stealing but its a daylight robbery……
As they r coming up with new shiny heroes every 15days who basically r more and more powerful, it doesn’t make sense to nerf old heroes…
Imagine telluria-vela-gravemaker defence in today’s meta!!! Its so easy to defeat that just by using Hathore- a fast health boost+status effect sheild……
There are many new heroes who can kill these past superheroes……

Very true. Which makes this whole nerf business completely pointless.

The terms of the game do not give Zynga the right to defraud its players. The Big Balance Update is a scam, it’s a practice to take money from players and break the game. This will only drive players away! Here in my country we have rights to protect ourselves against consumer fraud. If in Brazil participates in taking Telegram off the air several times, taking Empires Puzzles from the Plays Store would not be difficult to the detriment of players in Brazil, if the nerfs on the heroes really materialize, I will look for all the consumer protection agencies in Brazil, the agency of protection, I will file a complaint with the Public Prosecutor for and I will file a lawsuit to recover all my benefits. Many countries are aware of this type of gambling that makes players spend money on gambling.


User error has nothing to do with any balance. Stay on topic and stop spamming your daftiness all over the place.

Very good ! You are absolutely right to stand up for yourself.

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This is a micro transaction game where we pay unequally so balancing heroes with this business model is downright stealing and extremely discouraging on any future purchases. Every time i think of spending money on a hero i look at it as a future nerf recipient. From a player who spent $350/month for the last 1.5 years to less than $100 this month because i don’t see the point after seeing a few of my heroes on that list.


Exactly Radmony this form of SG business is a disincentive to summon new heroes! It’s a dishonest kind of business!


That is the very precise truth you exposed out there. I could not agree more.


I completely agree. It is baiting and misleading. And they won’t even own it just act as if it is because of balancing.


Very well said ! And 100% true. Every long answer I ever wrote with arguments challenging the rationale for nerfing was censored too. But this is bigger than them now ! It is out there and people are sick of this. Let’s keep pushing

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Apparently these moderators do selective moderating :grin::grin:. Some have a pass to disparage and mock other users !! Haha.

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You have been here a long time.
And you have spent a lot of money.
Usually big spenders are not around for long.
They come and go more than any other group.
You have a different level of perseverance!

I think something could be analyzed there.
Maybe something that would help other spenders if you were to share your experience in greater detail.

Looks like you were going to quit 3 years ago after spending 40k. But you stuck it out! That’s the part that might reveal something important. You had to know this is a gacha. But you dug in. You kept going. Why?
What is the internal lure that kept you locked in and spending all those years?

The alliance? Peer pressure?
Or some internal drive? Something from the pixels that made you feel important?

I don’t mean to pry. Well… I guess I do…
I suppose I think it’s important because I know you’re not alone. There are plenty others who are not proud of how much money they donated. Help shed light for the next soul that’s caught in… whatever it was that tangled you up.

I wish I could help, but my amount of money was too small to be meaningful. I’m more upset about the time I donated. All that time that’s been wasted on this connect-3 gacha… I got duped in the beginning because… the amount of time required back in the day, was nothing compared to the slog this game is now.

Anyway… good luck with your refund, otherwise… hope you can help the next big spender. Enlighten them as to the road ahead and the construction along the way.


Thanks for taking the time and writing the above!

I learned a lot from others experiences and it definitely helped escape the summoning addiction by just reading how hurt some players were before quitting this game…

I opened my eyes and now I monitor every penny spent or about to be sepnt on this game… haven’t spent in a while as part of the #noSpend movement but seeing the light definitely came from true players experience that were shared here…

I still find some joy in this game to kill some time but not like before… summoning is a big part of this game to be honest…

Anyway I like the path that I am on now… absolutely better than the previous addictive money donating gacha one…


How do you know that?

I’m confess:
I never spend a single penny.
Never participate into any movement
I thank all spenders make this game move on, always
I’ve just used this game for brain exercise because not complicated
I never target to be elite but beating OPs
I…(10k words)

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I don’t want to detract from his disappointment. Other people see disappointment and start troll feeding frenzies. On this forum… disappointment is nothing other than an opportunity to be loud and parade yourself. It’s gross… topics get derailed and transformed to about players rather than about topics.

Being disappointed is not an opportunity to prove people wrong…
Being disappointed is a tug-o-war with balance.
And balance is at odds with Devs making money… which can make disappointment a built-in game feature for some. Especially when nerfs roll out in order to set up the next creep in an endless, and expensive… rinse and repeat cycle. It gets served to the players in a deceptive manner. And if they are deceived, or believe something, then I think that’s worth exploring.

Anyway… I know because he said so:

Exactly 3 years ago.
This doesn’t detract from his disappointment!
How it developed over the years could be an excellent road map for other players who are on the same path.

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You don’t “get” heroes, you borrow them. The only thing you can get from this game is entertainment. If you’re not, you need to reevaluate your involvement and maybe find a new source.