Nerfing is stealing!

Enough is enough Small Giant ! This constant nerfing of heroes is nothing short of stealing. Under the pretext of game balancing you are depriving players from what they have purchased with actual money (and not your virtual currency !). Like every else in the game the nerfing is becoming at a faster and faster pace. People pay for a certain hero and suddenly they learn that you unilaterally decided to give them less value for what they paid for ! That is STEALING. And we all saw the super extensive list of heroes that you have scheduled to nerf in the coming months. This is ridiculous. Aramis for instance: you released that hero end of last year. You then decided to bump his stats, thereby baiting players to do more pulls to get him. And now that everybody has paid substantial time and money to build him up to 2LB you now plan to nerf him back to a state where he will be useless. You did that over and over again with very many heroes. Enough is enough !!

From now on, every nerf you people do should be compensated with an equal proportional refund for the players ! Nobody needs your hero balancing. If the game is too hard for certain players then create a higher league or tier of difficulty for all features where people can compete at a very hard level with all heroes every release at their original and best stats and features. Otherwise you are just stealing hard earned money from the players pockets ! Enough !


I think you must acknowledge the excess loot that you earned by being able to use an over-powered hero for a period of time. That certainly would need to be returned.


SG’s original nerf mechanism

SG’s current nerf mechanism


What excess loot? Are you seriously comparing virtual reward with actual real life currency ? Are you that far deep in the game (or in Small Giant’s pockets) that you are unable to segregate real life with in-game reality?


These two are deeply intertwined in terms of financial effort. Your real life financial effort deeply influences in game reality, so, I guess segregation is at times difficult, mildly put… there’s some truth to the OP’s stance next to excessice nerfing…

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I have been playing this game since it was launched. So I have enough memory to remember exactly how it has evolved over the years. I am not advocating that SG should not made any hero balance ever. I am to the contrary advocating that they are not here to turn the game into a giant socialist/equality republic with constant nerfing. I assume the heroes are tested in-length before being released. People invest money to do pulls based on certain facts including stats and skills of certain heroes. Nerfing is reducing the value of the very heroes people invested money (and luck) to acquire. It is stealing or borderline false advertising. It is keeping people’s money on the one hand while giving them less value in return. Anyone in his right mind has got to acknowledge that simple fact. Now, some players might not care and that is fine. But those who do care should speak up. It is your money you’re putting in the game. SG unlike the Tax and Revenue Services has not automatic right to your money !


The upcoming nerfs seem like a way to reset the board so they can start a new cycle of releasing OP heroes for whales to chase.


We need a raid map . We have no idea what to chace now . When they first made costumes i thought i could just keep finding marjana and Leonidas on tc20 and from hero academy. 4 costume marjana on the same twam would be devastating. But costumes are not thete to help out season 1 its thete to make us keep pulling for the same heros over and over and to keep upgrading the sane heros over and over . So all the costume marjana and Leonidas would need to be limit broken and now alpha broken. And soon marjana will have a new 2end costume so ill have to spend 500 chasing her again . We need a road map . When is omega aethers to 95 coming out . Eill we see 3erd costumes ? And when ? Will i have to pull for shildbreaker marjana next ? Ehats the trick go get me to uograde her past 105 ? Costumes were sepos to help ballance but nope thete a trick to get us to pull for thev same heros so they are not obsolete . Nerfing my best hero gazelle is not cool . You nerffed my odin next it looks like Anne . I just fated got himdale and he is nerffed just got arimis nerf you nerffed Baldor 2 times now . Give us a road map


Great response Dig. That response above makes absolutely no sense. We use real money to get heroes. Money that we work for in reality.


You are absolutely right. I share your frustration. This nerfing business has to stop. We are grown people playing this game. We can deal with a little tough opposition. Stop nerfing our heroes !


Thank you ! 100% on board with you.


Money that is part of your entertainment budget, or money better spent elsewhere if you are not being entertained.

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Couldn’t agree more. They are weaponazing the nerfing for direct financial gain. It’s like they are saying « oh you are enjoying that hero you paid for? Well, you better give us even more money if you want to keep enjoying it ». How is that fair treatment of customers? That is robbery.


If people, after years of playing this game, still do not realize how zynga works it’s your own foult. They don’t care about players or community. The want your money that’s all. They do what they want and will not stop as long as people pay. That’s all. And if people won’t pay anymore they close the game and you’ll get nothing back.


I mean there comes a point where you have to ask….


Aah, the new buzzword. This pops up everywhere these days.


We all know that brother. You’re missing the point. You sound like someone who knows that someone else is stealing from them and who just acts like it is fate. Like « hey what can you do? He’s keep stealing ». Players act like they have zero say in this. Like active participants to their own demise LOL.

It’s not that new to be honest :rofl:. Maybe you just discovered it recently.


I almost never post on this forum, but I’ve looked at the “rebalancing” that is going to occur, and I’m extremely disappointed to see what appears to be a bias against older heroes that can compete with newer heroes.

I just saw the costume 2 results of Magni & Leonidas who both got SEVERELY nerfed with their specials, and this is after I just leveled & LB’d both from zero over the past few months and maxed one a few weeks ago and maxed the other a couple weeks ago.

I poured a lot of $$$ into the costume portal to get the 2-Costume results, and now 2 of my 4 best heroes in my whole roster are getting BIG nerfs. My luck in other portals has been awful typically, so I usually don’t get the OP heroes. Now what I have is being taken away.

I feel like my knees got cut out from under me by SG, and the reason appears to be so SG can try to force more money from us. Wow. Just. Wow!


Those that do not invest time or money into SGG’s product do not experience any negative consequences of nerphs.