Nerfed seadragons spawns

There are sure more lucky accounts then others, i have a nephew in my clan every 10 pull he does he get a legendary or hotm i have seen 10 of them. It is not RNG it is just one of those account that have more rng then others, i play for a year did 600+ pulls and yet to score 1 HOTM. I dont think i am that unlucky. Same with tc20 i have a member in my clan he already pulled 135 tc20 and yet to get a 5* so as u saidbit is not RNG it is thier system
Unfortunately i got the bug account…

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8 loot tickets - province 14 if it matters

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I have played around 170 levels since AR started, mostly a mix of 14-9 (For Gashadokuro and Kappa), 1-3 (Backpacks), 4-3 (monster chest) and 9-10 (for exp), and I have got 17 Seadragons till now. So I think it’s totally RNG. For me it’s more like 1/10. I am sure you will also get more at some point. :slight_smile:


Finished the avatar quest about 5 or 6 hours after atlantis started. Maybe I’m just lucky but i dont think anything was nerfed tho. Took little over 200 loot tickets on 19-1 hard. And certain things also effect how often the seadragons appear i believe. @zephyr1 has some info on this i think


I have had 17 seadragons in around 60 attempts man so it may just be bad luck


I put that info into the Atlantis Rises FAQ for easy reference: 🔱 Atlantis Rises – FAQ & Discussion

@BarryWuzHere is also leading an effort to collect real-world data on appearance rates.


Congrats on finally pulling Proteus @AliceCooper!!! He’s not just a myth and actually exists…like Wilbur!! Oh you will both be mine one day you filthy little hiding rats!!!


Yet all that grinding only to get a Berden…!! haha booooo


I got 20 and have done about the same


Thanks. I don’t actually like Proteus that much but at least he is better than Ameona. I’ve got Wilbur at +3 emblem but only use him for titan and war. Or raiding to turn the tide on Aegir tank.
Btw, I still want a very fast mana in either Kage or Seshat on my defense team next to Kunchen.

Let see if I could beat few more fat seadragons to reach 100 coins again.

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So we should be able to finish the sea dragon mission in 1 day, and all the bldgs in a week at most. RIGHT? yeah that sounds fun. Then what?


Thats nice Rigs how many flasks was that??


Didnt count but will math it out

Let’s say 225 loot tickets just to have a number go off of since i know it was over 200 but less than 250.

19-1 hard = 10 energy
My max is 50
225 loot tickets is 2,250 flags spent
2,250 flags = 45 flasks


48h and i have 6 so far. I dont believe it is rng… Cuz my account in unlucky with everything

Sorry…did a double take on that one…WHAT?!

Unless you have 5 maxxed Hel already, he’s the best 4* in the game!!!

He makes trials and events an absolute cake walk!!


‘Real world’…

Certainly haven’t seen any around my place.

Maybe Barry is scuba diving.



In the other thread where people were keeping count I posted had seen 6 over the course of doing 100+ runs (7 flasks, 42 energy, plus what I had regenerated over the day).

And since then I’ve seen 3 more, according to the mission counter. So its not as bad as your luck, but it is around the same as last AR for me.

Definitely not enough to get a coin pull, without a lot of extra coins from other sources over the month.

Edit: my main source of disappointment is that muggy was released too late for me, I think I had just completed hard and collected all my guaranteed coins. Would have been nice to get a muggy instead of one of the other 3s :wink:

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I didnt get it either lol


That’s some serious Gel power. :wink:


I’ll use my loots on last day :slight_smile:

So far used 7 flasks x 41 flags = 287

Farming 2-4-3N for 7 monsters chests
Farming 2-1-9N for packs
Just a hunch on what Barry said about better odds with more monsters and special stages.

19 sea dragons, 109 coins

Not really lucky as it was domo ari Gato pffft!


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