Nerfed PVE?!

Well, I’ve had it. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but since the last updates, enemies have become stronger. Yeah, I know it’s because if the talents. What about us guys that aren’t high enough to use the talents yet?!

I thought the problem was due to me using a weaker team, about 2300 team power. Ok I do 1-8-4 to fly through my monster chest. Seems a bit harder…hmmmm… Back to my main team with almost 2500 power. Still not blowing through enemies as before. Maybe I’m getting a bad cascade board.

Tonight, I go to do my battle item quests. First one had a hard time with it being ONLY 1600 power?! My main team at 2500?! I make it through…barely.

I need health potions and could use those axes. So I go into the next round which is 2300. Blow through 2 health potions right in the beginning and then I’m defeated?!! ■■■?! I’m watching, and I’m hardly putting a dent in these guys even with great cascades.

I’ve never complained about how the wonderful RNG just sets up the boards so “random” with barely the strong colors ALL THE TIME. But nerfing on top?! I’ll be spending my bucks somewhere else from now on!

Yes, I’m ticked. I don’t expect to win all the time, but when you are defeated by something that is 200 points below you with just regular attacks, no special skills?! Bah!

There has been no “nerfed PvE”. This is just an incoherent hissy fit.


No, it’s not a “incoherent hissy fit”

I have noticed this since the last update.

And sir, I do not throw tantrums or hissy fits. I’m old enough and mature enough to be angry without throwing fits. I also am mature enough to be polite to others.


How Comes nobody else has ?

If you are angry now what about war after the first wave of class upgraded heroes?

Pretty much all people have 10 talented heroes, almost sure 5 of them in defence.
So you can fight at max with only 2 teams of talented heroes against that defence, the other 4 attacks you have to do it without any.

Can’t wait to read people.

I’m not sure what you are talking about? If you are talking alliance wars, I don’t do them.

First off, why in gods name would you do 8-4 when you could do 8-7 or 6-8 and get either more recruits OR much better loot generally??

2nd off, given that talents are for max’d heroes, I really don’t think they’ve been messing with lower level stages like that. They just don’t care and you can just, you know, level your heroes a bit more and boom, problem solved.


As others have said, there has been no nerf for PVE.

Did you change up your team recently? Mind sharing the team that you are using? I am sure someone can offer some advice.


I am currently trying to push through both Season 1 and Season 2. I am stuck on Province 18 of S1, and Province 7 of S2. Since the update, I have made it one province further than I was before the update (I was at 17 and 6).

I’m pretty certain that there have been no enemy buffs.

I’m sorry to hear of your frustration, though. Are you countering enemy elements (i.e. bringing Ice against Fire)? Did you recently ‘upgrade’ from Olaf to someone else, thus removing a huge +defense buff from the team, despite a gain in Team Power?

I’m not a huge fan of Team Power in determining the strengths of a team. How the complement each other is far more important.


I haven’t noticed this. Can you provide a little bit of evidence, beyond the way you feel, please?


Just a bad run of boards like we’ve all had at times. I had a bad run on 8-7 and lost evelyn and azlar (both at 3/70). It happens.


#rc830 may help you here


:joy: thank you!
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I don’t know much about how to provide evidence, but I’m cooled off now.

I’m back to hating (in a very loving way) my husband. “Mr. I have the worst luck”. Yeah right. I want his bad luck!
Last month, very first epic pull = Richards.
This month, very first Atlantis Pull = Kage
Today on his nature elemental pull = Caedmon AND THEN gets HOTM Justice as the bonus!
:woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:
Yup, I slapped him :rofl:
Shoot, maybe I’m the lucky one? I’m the one that went in his phone and pressed the “buy gems” button. The same gems he used to summon :joy:

  1. Richards isn’t a hero
  2. Justice isn’t the HoTM
  3. Learn what variance is
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Give a freakin break ok?!? NOT A TROLL. I’m freakin still learning. Guess you knew all the answers when you first started right?!

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I’m just having my own post flagged for deletion since it’s starting to become a bully session

We can ask the mods to lock the thread if you’d like. That will cut things off.

So enlighten me.
I made a mistake of saying justice instead of Onatel. Yes.
What constitutes a Hero?
What does variance have to do with anything?

Irrrespective of whether you decide you want the thread locked. I’d really advise against engaging with that post, one way or the other. It’s off-topic and nitpicky.

They mean, for instance, the hero’s name is “Richard” not “Richards.” Like I said, nitpicky…


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