Nerfed loot from monster chest

I opened my monster chest after completing level 9 epic in challenge event. Loot screen did not appear. Checked activity log & found this:

In two years of playing l have never seen a wanted mission chest with only two items, no ham or iron, no crafting materials and no assencion mats.

That was my diamond raid chest a few minutes ago.

Couple of 2* items too. Activity log doesnt show anything below 3* items.

Rngesus sucks sometimes.


activity log wonā€™t show anything below 3* rarity.

I think the only exceptions are trainer heroes, those show up in the activity log regardless of rarity.


That it does, however since the normal list never showed up, the only thing l can verify is that l recieved no ham and iron. I am chronically short of these items so l monitor my supplies obsessively.
I thought ham and iron were always included in rewards.
Oh well, my error.
Thanks for your response.

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