Nerfed deals

Anyone else feeling like the deals are slowly getting nerfed?

This used to have 5 flasks, didnt it?


Pretty sure it was 3 flasks but yeah all the deals keep getting nerfed or replaced with even worse offers its shocking really


everything is nerfed…
Elemental chest, titan loots, hero stats, “promotions”… everything…
but only 1 thing was “buffed” price to pay to play this game kk

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Looks that it always was just 1 flask…

See this Reddit post from a year ago.

Fast Lane pack has 5.


At least the perceptions of nerfing have been buffed


Brilliant columboing by the way

Idk i wouldnt have bought it for just 1… i meed flasks and this has always been helpful for me before.

There are two loot ticket deals from memory.

One is titled “raining loot tickets” which is the one shown here. It was the “smaller” of the two deals.

The other is called “fast lane pack” which is a bit more expensive but has more tix, flasks and the like from memory.

Then there is also a “loot tickets” deal that appears in the shop for purchase with gems… Similar deal but smaller again in the rewards.

Perhaps you confused this one with the Atlantis Day 3 deal? Content is similar, though less gems and tickets but more flasks and Atlantis coins.

Every archived picture of this offer I find has 1 WE so there’s no proof to back your point.

Fast lane pack is only available for purchase by gems, it costs 1400 and gives 90 loot tickets, 5 WE and some trainers. The one to buy directly for $ that appears every month is the Raining Loot Tickets and it’s the one from OP.

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Raining loot tickets is the dollar deal. It always had 1 flask.

Fast lane pack is a gem deal and appears in the shop. There are two variants for 1400 and 1200 gems. Both have 5 flasks.

Fast lane pack options


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