Nerfed Alberich

The release note says:
Alberich - mana recovery reduced 20%

This 20% is related to the “moderate amount of mana”, not to the overall mana recovery.

Before the change, it was:

slow mana: about 8.3% each turn
average mana: 10% each turn
fast mana: 12.5% each turn
(mainly a tile each turn)

The mana recovery reduction is related to these values.

So the reduction is:
Slow mana speed: 20% of 8.3% -> 1,6% each turn
Average mana speed: 20% of 10% -> 2% each turn
Fast mana recovery: 20% of 12.5% -> 2.5% each turn

The new values are:
slow mana: about 7% each turn
average mana: 8% each turn
fast mana: 10% each turn

I don’t have data about very fast speed, but it should be:
old value: about 14.3% each turn
reduction: about 2.8%
new value: about 11.5% each turn

I think the mana recovery is not the best Alberich’s quality.
I see just a minor change and for my point of view he is still an A+ hero.



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Well imo it’s quite noticeable after all. Two delayed specials can very well be the difference between a win and a loss. Let’s say you have 50% on a fast hero. Earlier if you could cast Alberich you could do a match of 3 for the fast hero and have it be ready to use the special next round, now you’ll have to wait another turn. Hurts more than the tiny heal reduction for Ares.


I agree.
Everything can make the difference.
Even the heal reduction for Ares is a small change, but I won several raids having the last hero with less than 20HP.
I’m just saying that I don’t see an huge impact.

I do see a good bit of difference, as Shen said. If you rely on Alberich in raids, this is indeed a major change for the worse. As far as Ares, he hasn’t been changed since he came out to my knowledge, so why they felt the need to change him now is beyond me.

But thank you for crunching the numbers!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have tested the nerf and not liking it one bit everytime the mana regen inch closer to full blast he gets demolished by the top Heroes and especially Guinevere keeps cutting the mana down. and u might ask why go against the top heroes and Guinevere it’s to test the effectiveness of the Heroes changes. So yes it does affect his strength and usefulness. Excellent he may be I’d rather he stayed the same from the beginning.


Of course you want him to stay the same. Nobody like having their heros “nerfed”.

If you usually drive a Ferarri and then have to switch to a Volvo, of course you’re going to miss your Ferrarri.

But this re-balance was definately needed for Albrich.


What about Ares though? He’s been fine for 6+ months, why change him now?

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That change is so miniscule it wont event matter.

Sure you might loose a raid once in a while when it comes down to the last HP, but those are few and far between.

And “Fine” is a relative term. There are basically 3x tanks in the game. Ares, Guinn and Hel. They’ve adjusted Ares and Guinn this patch. And Hel in a previous I think.

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True, and at 800hp over 4 turns, I believe Ares had the best heal out there. It might still be at 720hp, too. :smirk:

I suspect it was to bring his Healing over Time (HoT) in line with Guinevere and Alberich (153/turn). At some level, I like the change so that I don’t worry about overwriting Ares’s better HoT buff with Alberich’s weaker one.

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Good point, @Kerridoc

Alberich should be “nerfed” more: resurrected heroes don’t count as killed for chest completion.

i disagree. The mana nerf doesnt balance Alby. Just makes people more reliant on his revive. Alby’s problem from the get go was his ability to revive multiple dead heroes and wreck your raid. His mana recovery made him a great playable hero with slow mana. The revive made him insane and OP. The wrong thing was targeted for this nerf imo.


Now he’s more of a good hero with a WuKongian booster.

Before he was a great hero with a WuKongian booster.

I honestly think they could lower the revive % and he would still be a good hero. But oppiniona differ in this matter :slight_smile:

If they nerf him again, there will be howls. :wink:


I don’t get why they nerfed alberiched mana regen that is already small, and don’t do anything to Hel, who is the most powerful hero in the game


Haven’t raised against Guin since nerf, eager to see the difference. I really didn’t think either ares or alby needed nerfed from many experiences raiding against them.

Agreed, @Denys. I think the problem is one of quantity: relatively few people have Hel; many more have Alberich.

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She’s no different - kicked my a$$ before and kicked it even with the nerf :slight_smile:

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