Nerf Xnolphod

It’s crazy that Xnolphod is adding 20% of mana on average mana speed. If it’s 20% it should be slow mana or he should add max 10%.

For comparison Milena on second charge is addin 10% wchich is slow.

you need to write all milena’s skill and all xnol skills then compare it side by side. not only on the boosting mana skills.


No need to do that, Xnol’s heavy mana regen alone at average speed makes up for everything that Milena does and more. The heal is the icing on the cake. There’s a reason he’s in almost any top defence out there. It’s pretty save to say that he’s the most sought after hero for those that don’t have him, as he basically changes the rules of the game once he goes off.


Its almost a year since Xnolphod was release what were you doing in the past 11 months ??? This hero should be nerf the moment he’s released


Please don’t ask to nerf any hero, instead request for a buff to other hero’s in your roaster. Xnolphod is really good but I don’t think he has ability to wipe entire team and YES I don’t have xnolphod :blush:


Xnophold is a great healer and support hero, cant compare with Milena, who have unique skills base on her mana level. He does not need a nerf just because his mana add to the whole team. Facing him alot in war and holy team can handle him most of the time if he is in Middle. Check new ss 4 hero: Hulda and see he is much better than Xno - you need a new nerf thread for Hulda.

Btw, avoid to use Purpe agaist Xno, mostly a suicide choice with his mana cut on purple stone!


there will be no more unique heroes if all are asked to be nerfed.

xnol is one of the unique one, so let him give a lil bit spices to the game, just like the revivers with their uniqueness.

don’t worry, xnol soon will be replaced by stronger heroes in the future and he will no longer OP as u think

note: i’m xnol owner please don’t nerf him :sob:


No more nerf threads …. It’s getting out of hand…

Ask for appropriate buffs instead - that’s better QOL for players


I think it would be a lot better for the game to nerf loooots of heroes than to make every hero op.

Should get back to a decent level but unfortunately everyone seems ok with the absurd power level of new heroes every few weeks and immediately cries when a new hero is not borderline op but decent (Horus, Papyros etc.)


no more nerfs please, nothing is impossible to handle.
you either have the proper way to handle them or don’t.

xnolphod is just like other heroes, he has goods and bads.
avoid him if you don’t know how to play against him or don’t have good heroes for him.

i don’t attack hulda if can’t handle her minions.
i don’t attack taunt heroes like ludwig without having back-up dispeller or malosi.
i don’t attack xnolphod without strong yellows or fast damage dealing combos.

sometimes i attack regardless but i KNOW that i am at a disadvantage and shouldn’t blame them if i lost.

NOTE: i also don’t have xnolphod, ludwig nor hulda before anyone assumes so.


in my opinion when discussions like this open up, it just means that you don’t have that hero. he is very strong but balanced in all his statistics


Two wars in raw I was attacking Ludwik with Malosi and what? surprise, surprise slow hero triggering faster then very fast.

They can stay as they are if they will change the way how defense is collecting mana.

For Xeno I always going with fast/ heroes but if you don’t have tiels to load them then you are done as mostly in such defence are heroes which are hitting all.

Btw. all hitters should have limited dmg:
fast 200% max
average 250%
slow 350-400%

and then it would make some sense.

Now in current level of dmg it’s becoming crazy

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if you weren’t able to get 6 tiles then either the board is terrible or there were misplays.
i have no issues facing him or others (even if i lose).
you can’t expect 100% win rate even using proper counters.

i lost to horghall tank, bad board state like that was terrible for the colours i used but cases like this are very rare.

i agree, it helps reducing the power gap but it will still be there as newer heroes have higher stats

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Xnolphod is easy to beat on a good board, he only becomes a major problem with bad boards and AoE hitters. I don’t think he needs a nerf for this reason. If that is the case, all heroes that buff mana could be nerfed with the same argument


not sure he needs a nerf when Season 6 will be here in about 7 or so months and they’ll have even stronger heroes


Not that I am endorsing a nerf - I am not - but isn’t the above actually a counter-argument? The more powerful the new heroes are the more powerful Xnol’s special becomes, on account of boosting all those OP specials…


He is a great hero. Improves all around him and has insane synergies with some specific heroes.

If he needs a nerf, then we need to rethink MANY other heroes as Xnol isn’t even the most OP, he “just” helps OP become more OP.

Disagree with the idea of nerfing him.


Once again another nerf request, :unamused:
Without being rude and I am sorry if it comes out that way, why do we need to destroy heroes when we can ask for better heroes, buffs or find the way to beat them or just simple skip it if you are not capable to figure it out

Here are two examples of an alliance mate using a purple team to defeat it


X is a healer with subpar heal and no cleanse. The balancers are the ally mana boost and dark tile debuff. He’s actually a pretty balanced hero. The dark tile issue shouldn’t matter if X is at tank, since bringing dark to a dark tank is never a good idea. If he is at flank or wing, his effectiveness is very reduced. I say leave him be.


All is great until you state Hulda is better. Hulda is a tile dump to get to 9 purple tiles and then watch Gimble a good slow D down hero and Alfrike go off

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