Nerf Watch May 2022: Quintin

I’ll be surprised if they keep him as-is. I have him and he is admittedly too powerful. Anyone care to disagree?


Lewena and Quenell are way more powerful than him, IMO. I’d also don’t expect nerfs in event heroes… I wouldn’t be surprised if they get further buffed, actually. Look at Gaillard and Peñolite… their event isn’t even out yet and they’re monsters. It means their event colleagues are going to be even stronger and they should get buffs too.

That’s how the game is working atm.


Completely disagree. He’s awesome, but he hits one. And as stated above, he’s an event hero. He isn’t widely available. The nerfs come to heroes that dominate on defense.

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Quintin is almost never seen on defense. His purpose is to take out the main threat, not a random target. He is amazing on attack, taking out heavily shilded or tile hidden enemies, but far from being as effective on defense.


that could be the straw the breaks the camels back w/ me. they nerfed krampus, if they nerf quintin that will again put my blues behind. please don’t suggest he needs nerfing, there are so many good blues and i don’t have many/any others

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Nah… He depends on other factors. Otherwise a sniper like Pengi or Finley who’s twice the threat on defense.

I don’t think they will nerf Quentin.

I recently posted about nerf, i predicted milena nerf after buff, she basically became a xnolphod that activated in 6 tiles, and sure enough the nerf happened. But i am against nerfs…i think SG should test heroes properly before release.

But because she appeared on almost every defense in top 100 within a short period of time after the buff, it became obvious SG would nerf.

Quentin is safe in my opinion.

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He’s great on offense, but you really never see him on defense (which is a staple, it seems, for nerfing).

I’d be willing to bet there’s a higher likelihood he’s buffed before nerfed lol. I don’t think he’ll get touched either way, but just trying to convey how unlikely I think it is.

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Possible nerf day is 3 days after S5 opens, while S5 heroes get their first round :wink: so let’s see.

Ps. I wouldn’t bet on that, being mostly used in offense.

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What? A nerf for Quintin? Sorry, but that would be a disaster for the game. What a thought :thinking:

Imo nerf threads should be closed by default. Quinten isn’t in the line of fire at any rate. I would much rather face tougher defenses then have another beloved hero beating down to pointless, c-krampus comes to mind. I haven’t used his costume since the nerf.


I definitely don’t want a nerf either. My guess is his win rate is very high and that usual spells trouble for seemingly overpowered heroes. I hope most of the replies on this thread are correct and I am not.

No nerf needed for Quintin

Next nerf is going against May HOTM Kara, pre- or post-release.

Can’t see a nerf happening for Quintin. Like most people mentioned, he hits the one hero and sometimes that’s all he does for the rest of the battle (raid / war wise).

I rarely get the chance to use his special twice during my battles.

Same goes for fighting one on defense, sure he’ll hurt, but it’s not team-threatening like Pengi with its minion friends.

I’ll never forget the one time I sat and watch Pengi’s animation go off for nearly 10 seconds.
Yeah, my entire team died lol.

This is kind of an odd statement considering Pengi and Finley are both highly dependent on other factors as well. One needs minions while the other needs to assume the team fighting you has buffs. My Quintin is 61/80 and once I get him all the way I’ll LB him and put him on defense so I no longer need to worry about extenuating circumstances on defense. He hits you, you die, end of story.

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The thread is about nerfing him. So my response was he doesn’t need a nerf because I don’t think he’s OP. Btw I had him on defense a while and he didn’t perform that great. On offense he’s amazing

I wouldn’ call him unbalanced., hes a sniper and doesnt cause major distubances in defence

I don’t think he will be nerfed. I agree with those above mentioning defence.
I believe mostly defence-minded heroes will be nerfed, as they are the only ones that changes the game experience drastically for many people, as they go up against the same defence again and again.
Also, if you don’t have countermeasures (resist ailment, cleanse if available) he still only kills one.
But I would love to have him to get rid of irritating taunt heroes

Almost a year since this post, it’s never going to happen which is a relieve. Aramis on the other hand…