Nerf Tarlak and Save Wukong

To the Devs .You’re taking the fun out E & P, Wukong is the embodiment of this game, I love his randomness, you feel like a god when your 3400 beat team with 700 above you, someday you feel a like Minion when you can’t even beat a team with 200 TP below you. Some day your Titan score hit above 50K and other days you struggle to get past 10K.
Tarlak is predictable, Titan score will be predictable, the top 5% players, probably have the money to summon him, and the gap between the P2P and F2P will get ever wider. Introducing Tarlak has taken the shine off Wukong. I can understand why Tarlak was offered, the game must move forward, but where is the soul ?.


I could not disagree with this statement more. This game is already dictated heavily by the luck of the boards, and skill is all about controlling that luck as much as possible. By compounding the randomness in the game, Wu Kong reduces the advantage of playing skillfully. I wouldn’t necessarily mind that, except he is so powerful that everyone needs to use him on titans whether or not they enjoy his play style. Tarlak is the first hero who provides an alternative to Wu Kong, letting players who have him opt for consistency over raw power. He is not a strict upgrade. Tarlak’s attack buff is substantially lower, and is capped with other buffs, plus he still gets 1 shot by 12* titans. Even with both of them maxed I’d use Wu on purple titans. His importance in the game is secure.


Or maybe… taking into account Wu Kong’s randomness require more skill? :thinking:

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I see what you did there… :wink:

Sure, there are some basic things you can do to manage Wu’s randomness, e.g. cast other specials first, hold an important special until his expires, etc. But mostly it’s not possible to mitigate Wu’s randomness. At best, I just go for dropping as many tiles as possible (even against titians, without regard to the weak spot, since the odds of getting three tiles on the weak spot has gone way down). That’s not very strategic, but does require a certain skill in board manipulation.


I hate wu kong. I have to level and use him if i want to get into a decent alliance and hit decently high titans, but i hate his randomness. I tried hard for tarlek, and some day I’ll ty again (when i get enough coins). He will be a great replacement for a hero i dislike using. We’ve needed a 5* wu for a while anyway. I just hope a 5* sabina/melendor is next!


Wait to this guy finds out about khiona and aegir triggering her ability constantly.

You don’t need Wu Kong if you have the basics covered, especially vs purple and green titans of you have Jackal or Falcon.

Boldtusk + Ramming Pulverizer + 3 weak color stack and no Wu Kong is more than enough to average 20k a hit or better. With 5 flags that’s 100k and you’ll carry your weight all the way up through 10 stat titans. Just be smart about mana use and attack order.


Would it not be better to go this route instead?
Boldtusk+Wilbur+ 3 weak color stack and no Wu Kong?

Good to know. I was told no wu meant little to no chance at good hits or a good alliance. Of course, this means I just wasted four orbs on him >_<. I do have a fully leveled BT and I have a jackal, not yet leveled. I’m working on my second set of 4*+ heroes so it may be a while yet before I can get into a better alliance.

You’ve given me hope for ditching wu, thank you!

They were not wasted: even if you’ll get Tarlak in the future you can’t use it on 4* events.

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Playing with Wukong is like playing with a pinball machine on a cruise ship in heavy sea. Playing with Tarlak is like playing space invaders at your local arcade it’s safe and a certain degree of predictability . Each to their own. It’s down to pinball machine or space invaders, if you have Tarlak, good luck and enjoy the best of both worlds.


Well, I used to love Wu Kong for titans.
For quite a long time.

Then, however, some time ago, Wu started missing much more than the 33%. Titan damage started to decrease. Not only for me, but also for quite a number of players, as can be seen in several threads in this forum.

And now - surprise!!! :smirk: - Tarlak has appeared.
He can do the job that Wu used to do well but has done very badly in recent times.

Honi soit qui mal y pense. :smirk:

(I was lucky enough to get him. And he does exactly the job that a hero which I already possess had been doing well until recently)

Tarlak is not an addition to the titan team. He is a replacement. For a hero that was perfectly useable until recently.

Honi soit qui mal y pense :smirk:

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I’m not going to use him for events; i really need hansel to actually hit the baddies. Thanks for the suggestion though!

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You could always time Wu Kong to punch foe’s lines and perform ghost tiling just after Hansel special :slight_smile:

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Other than for that one skill, which is unpredictable and makes people pissed off more than anything, he’s useless. At least Tarlak also has a heal over time to go with his buff. Remove Wu kong altogether or buff him up to have a secondary skill to offset his lousy unpredictability.


Gambler’s Stance, summary of E& P in one hero. I wish they give us a 5* version of him with all his faults.

I have Tarlak at t4 level 52, currently. Btw, I was just lucky to draw him.
When hitting Titans, I swap a few hits with Wu then a few with Tarlak; in other words not at same time due to ineffectiveness. However, both these heroes have low defense, so I constantly have to feed them healing potions to keep them going or defeated very quickly.
Thus gets me to my point. They’re not the same. The developers made Tarlak not very strong, at least has been my experience as he’s the usually the first to go down now, in raids, Titans, wars, etc. So if you use him, he has to be balanced out by a strong troop, healer(s), heroes with defensive special skill, etc OR he’s really not worth much - kinda like how Wu Kong is on his misses.

Too many of the best heroes are locked behind a pay wall. At least wukong is available to all.


I’ve broken 90k with Wu, and only 50k without him… BUT I know my 3 troop single combo isn’t going to miss one and get my heroes killed. My ceiling is lower but my floor is higher. My item use has gone down dramatically and titans are less stressful. A good board is still going to get me 30k+ and a bad one will still break 10k. I rarely finish under 100k. I also use mostly 4 star heroes on the titans.

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Wilbur would be awesome, yes. I don’t have him but he’s great for titans.

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