Nerf Rigard/Sabina/Melendor or Buff Vivica

Yes!! We all need you PK!


Thank you.
I feel silly, as I tried to exit the game semi-quietly… saying it was my last post.

only to come back and post as if nothing ever happened :slight_smile:

But, to quote Maude (from Harold and Maude) “Consistency isn’t really a human trait.”


I’ll take you up on that challenge.

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Too many good people to leave… quietly… or loudly… happy to see you.

And to stay loosely on topic… I think the S1 healers are just fine. Many of the S2 and S3 heroes have other skills besides just healing… so an extra 5ish% doesn’t seem like a dealbreaker to me.


My personal favorite setup is 1-2-2. I set it up against the Tank and the scariest Flank and one heavy hitter — usually Alfrike or Onyx.

My current favorite offensive squad:

Alfrike—Onyx—Black Knight—Heimdall—Garnet

I’ll keep my fingers crossed to not see that.

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Hmmm… old topic revived… will SG keep to S1 costumes, now that they’re almost done? Or will they keep releasing costumes? Guess time will tell…

Can we close this discussion ? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Please nerf Dawa she is too OP she hits 3


I’m sorry, this is the stupidest thing I have have seen so far on this forum. Except for bumping our recruitment posts there really is no other reason for me to be on here because moronic posts like this just make me angry.


Please refrain from calling people’s opinions “moronic”. It’s just a game. If you disagree, state why, or just roll your eyes and move on.

To the OP, I think heroes should only be nerfed if they imbalance the game. The 4* heroes you mentioned are all great staples, but they don’t imbalance the game. Vivica also has her place, although like most (non-costume) season 1 5* she is not top-tier. I would still recommend anyone who is still relatively new to the game (i.e. still building their core roster) to ascend her even if they have the 4* healers you mentioned. Cleanse + defense up + heal is a great skill set to get you through some of the tougher events. There are other 5* more deserving of a buff.

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I can see rainbow working at high levels, but I feel you need game-changing heroes for that. Against minion summoning tanks (particularly Tel) I find rainbow very effective specifically because I have Skadi - she wins it single-handedly, as long as you can keep her and everyone else alive. I don’t think I have the roster to do a highly survivable and synergised rainbow team that could take on BK/Frigg/Odin/ninjas etc

@Rigs Whilst I disagree with the OP in that I think those 4* heroes are already very well balanced, and Vivica is probably not weak enough to warrant a buff - and in fact I am generally against most nerf/buff threads - there is no reason to be so abusive. It is a trait I have seen in a lot of your posts and whilst I will be the first to say that it is at times justified to punish stupidity and rudeness in this forum (and have been flagged for this numerous times in the past) when it is unsolicited and unwarranted then it is you that brings down the level of the forum, not the post that you are abusing. Disagree to your heart’s content, but keep it civil unless it is truly asking for it. Or else ignore it and move along. Being mean for the sake of being mean is not cool.

Same comment goes for @HeathenHammer. And if you think this is the stupidist thing on the forum then you haven’t waded very deep into its waters

@Homaclese tagging myself as a reminder that I also cross this line at times, and it doesn’t look nice from the other side

I disagree. I have been in my alliance for more than 1000 days. (That’s not a typo) Richard is fine. I will concur that Vivica needs a mana boost after added perks.

We shouldn’t be nerffing any character. Buff the older and weaker from every S and Event by a costume (make a costume warehouse :wink:), could even add a costume feature to HA.

Richard is not a healer and neither is he a 4* hero. I gather that you meant Rigard?

Nerfing Rigard, Sabina and/or Melendor by reason that they run on average mana while campaigning as an alternative to buff Vivica by expediting her mana speed is beyond me. Rigard, Sabina and Melendor may heal faster than Vivica but they are squishy enough that sometimes they failed to perform what is expected from them, that is, to heal. And sometimes, they die more often than not. Of course, they can get buffed due to emblems, but that is a different story. Nerfing Rigard and/or Sabina and/or Melendor would be the day I will be leaving the game, and maybe a hoard of other disgruntled players who rely on them heavily on their game play.

Meanwhile, Vivica must have been designed to be slow. She has a higher healing effect, as well as cleanse and buffs allies’ defense. If she were, say, average mana, she would be one of the most sought-after healer, especially right now when she has a costume, making her more efficient and effective on what she does for being bulky enough to be able to cast her healing at least once. Besides, we already have very fast wars and very fast raid tourneys, so we enjoy our Vivicas at very fast mana every once in a while. I do have Vivica, but because she is slow, I hesitated investing darts on her and she was kept at 3/70 since 2018 and my main holy healer in my monoyellow team. Her role and responsibility was delegated to Lady Woolerton, a fast healer who appears for the first time last Springvale. Regrettably, I only have one copy of the sheep but would love to have 2 more of her to level and max. And I further got 3 Gullinburstis, whom I leveled all. The pig may be slow like Viv, but at least I dont invest darts on him and his overhealing and damage is nice to have.

As mentioned by some players here in this thread or in another one way back, epic heroes are the backbone of the game. Reducing their effectiveness and efficiency would only result to more disgruntled players.

In sum, I wont vote in favor of the OP’s thread. And that is all what I have to say about it. Just my 1 cent.


Lol, man. Welcome back. You never cease to amuse me.


Totally against nerfing these heroes. It’s just plain ridiculous. If you have 4 or 5* heroes and are getting defeated by these 4*'s, you probably aren’t bringing the right 4 or 5*'s against them. OR, you don’t have any of these 4* heroes and are crying, “foul, not fair!”, out of jealousy. I have been playing for quite a while (started about 5 months after the game came out) and getting pretty tired of heroes getting nerfed. Best case in point, Quintus. He was the 2nd 5* hero I pulled. He is slow. When he 1st came out he did 315% damage. Then the whining started. Got nerfed to 285%. #nonerfs! FYI, I spend very little money on the game…

I rainbow exclusively against top players. Can post a video if you want. Don’t know how to do it here but I can share on line app.

Dude these 3 are relatively easy to acquire…

20 characters and I’d rather not be flagged!

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