Nerf Rigard/Sabina/Melendor or Buff Vivica

Please make Richard, Sabina and Melendor slow, they are healing too much for a 4* hero.

Comparing to Vivica, she does give the whole team 63%+ defense, but she is 5*, she is expected to be better than them.

Either make those 3 slow or make Vivica average, and maybe Kunchen average too.

I disagree. They are pillars of the game.

We don’t need season 1 heroes being any weaker than they are.

There is a reason that no one else has posted this.


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Flag coming in 3…2…


I mean, why. why must we do this? I leave the forum for 3 months and it got demonstrably worse…

This place needs me, I’ve determined this.

It is my sworn duty to fight for accuracy in a meaningless jumble of code in a massive online grouping of people who don’t care and do not know me.


I think only Rigard is good from these three 4 star heroes.
Anyway. I think #nonerf is needed :slight_smile:


Melandor-C is pretty fancy, though. He’s like a super-charged Vivica at a 4* price. :slight_smile:


I still not have that costume maybe this month :slight_smile:


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Buffing Vivica, I could get behind. Nerfing Rigard, Melendor, or Sabina, definitely not.


Congrats for writing a comment with no arguments at all. Lol.


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S1 heroes are far enough behind as it is. Even with the newest costumes/buffs they got, they still are going to be dwarfed by the ridiculously OP S4 and new event heroes. Not sure why this would be even remotely necessary


Since the release of Ratatoskr and Ariel, I don’t see any reason for Vivica to be slow. If it’s an outright healer that gives a cosmetic buff (def up, atk up, etc) that can be debuffed, then SG should accommodate the request. If the 4* heroes can be average, then so can the 5*.

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Vivica has a costume. Get that costume. Combine with mana troop 29 = average mana. They won’t change the original mana to average now that a costume is available.

Keep your fingers crossed for costumes for the earlier HOTMs


If there were no costumes, then I agree that Vivica should be moved to Average-- to equate to Ariel.
But there are costumes and the Costume bonus would make her OP.

So unfortunately, I think this ends in a stalemate.

Stole the dang words right out of my mouth.


Even if I couldn’t be any further from agreeing with this ideea, I think I see the reasoning pattern behind this thread… I think OP might be asking for such baffeling vanilla 4* nerfing not because he’s afraid to face the targeted heroes on the battlefield, but because he doesn’t want others to use them while attacking him. Otherwise, I really see no reason for such a request… I mean, I could agree, up to some point, with the nerfing of some overpowered, top shelf heroes, but definitelly not this, this is really absurd…

By that same logic, I could also say “I only want people attacking me to use Rainbow teams”

Although… man wouldn’t that be cool? Weekly raid restrictions?

Some sort of “Cataclysmic Event” – an orchestrated SG game-wide restriction on heroes or types.
Would be great if it started the weekend of April 1st through 4th.

“April Fools!” Raids can only be rainbow attacking teams! If you win? Double meat!

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I’d love to see the rainbow team that would defeat M23 or Deadlift’s defenses on regular bases… rainbow attacking might work up to some point, but, let’s get a reality gripp… you won’t prevail against top deffenses going in rainbow…

I did. :slight_smile: Beat Zippy (7DD) and Accord using Rainbow.

I do it regularly when i can’t fast forward to activate a chest and am just raiding for fun.

Also, funny story, beat Zero with 4 different color heroes and 1 empty spot. It was an accident that I missed one. It was an amazing board, to be fair.

Rainbow attacks just take a little bit more time, but the benefit is that you can use all colors and the whole board. You rely on specials rather than tiles. It is less effective than 3-2, 4-1… but it can work if you are patient.


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