NERF NOW! Starting with Aramis

You broke the game and admitted as much when you announced the ACTUAL big balance update. You said yourselves that the specials have become so powerful that you’ve hit the ceiling with them and have nowhere else to go. You put the nerfs into Beta and then caved to the NoSpend hashtag like utter cowards. Nerf Aramis. RIGHT NOW.

They never caved because of the #NoSpend movement. The money never stopped, so it actually didn’t bother them and also the nerfing didn’t stop either. They simply said they were going to do it in increments in which they were going to offer all the Buffs first and the nerfs will happen at a later time.

Think of it as their way of saying enjoy it while it lasts or take the time to train a new hero that’ll be replacing the current heroes that will be nerfed in your defense.

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You think because they ‘caved’ to no spend they will now cave to a single voice? The big balance isn’t a balance anyway. You don’t create balance by increasing the power creep slope.


I disagree with the nerfs. Once I might have supported them. Back in the days when nerfs were more of an “oops, we missed something and this hero is now too strong and needs adjustment for the sake of game balance.”

Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Most incidences of nerfs seem to be a long the lines of, “you’re still using that hero when we released a shiny new one, they must be nerfed” or “here is a hero that is clearly overpowered and beta testers unanimously told us they are too strong. So we know they are overpowered and will release them anyway, fully intending to nerf.”

The first type, in which nerfs are used to make up for errors, are made in good faith and can be accepted. The more recent nerfs however, to me seem to be made in bad faith and are thus intolerable.

Instead of such nerfs, when SG deliberately destroys balance, I propose that we players demand they buff every other hero in the game until balance is restored, placing the burden of balancing on the ones responsible rather than forcing the players to accept nerfs for heroes they paid for (or lucked into).


Something changed their thinking. If it wasn’t the hashtag, what was it? And did they actually say they’re still going to nerf at a later date? If so, when? Because the nerfs have ready been in beta for awhile. What the hell are they waiting for?

No, I don’t think they’re going to listen to me. But they invited me to share my position in the forum, so I am. We’re all seeing people quit the game in droves. I’m probably going to quit soon, too, if they don’t restore balance. You’re right that what they’ve done did not accomplish that. If you buff everybody, you’ve buffed nobody.


Your opinion is valid. I would argue that we’re both right to a degree. Some of the current heroes are “oops” heroes as you call them. Even in an era of the game being diluted with an insane number of OP heroes, Aramis specifically stands out as completely out of whack. The nerf they put on him in Beta 100% needs to happen. He must be made dispellable. Oh, but then why would people chase him? How do they make him “special?” That’s exactly SG’s point. They said it themselves. They’ve made the specials so insane that they hit the ceiling. They’re out of ideas for new heroes. So they have to rewrite the game. That was the whole point of the big balance in their own words. So what the hell are they waiting for? Do it already. Because the game is getting unplayable. And I would know, I’ve been here since the beginning. I finished the tutorial in August 2017 so I’ve seen all of the ups and downs, the Guins and the Tellurias. So yeah I’m upset that they’ve broken the game and are now failing to fix the problem.


Honestly Aramis does deserve the nerf bat, more than any other hero currently in the game.

People gush about how great Hathor is (and sometimes call for a nerf to her as well), when Aramis somehow does even more healing, the same status immunity but also undispellable, and halves three hero HP bars all for just 1 more tile. Not to mention the “cover” thing that tends to be somewhat annoying to deal with.

He is everywhere in top 500 alliance wars, and the only thing that stops 100% presence is his abysmal pull rate/rarity.

No, people, you do not “balance by buffing everything else”, that’s not how competitive game balance works. If one hero is a clear offender, they can be toned down without being ruined entirely. Aramis would still be perfectly fine if his damage was reduced by a quarter, or even a third - he has way too much to offer.

That said, I have little faith they start taking competitive balance seriously - given:

  • The intentions behind the Big Balance Update to have new heroes be a clear tier above old heroes
  • SGG breaking their own mantra and releasing ridiculous damage percentage heroes to beta despite preaching that stats will be the new difference, whereas damage % will be capped

It’s not even that they buffed everybody but effectively the stronger the hero already was the bigger the buff. So, the exact opposite of a balance.

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I disagree with nerfing aramis. In fact, I advocate buffing him. It takes him at least 2 specials to wipe out my raid team, occasionally even 3. That’s unacceptable…


And that only if you are going against him solo

Stop with the nerfs. Folks spend lots of money on heros.


In theory, sure. But that’s not really how SG does things.

Telluria was the meta tank back in her day. So much so that the majority of diamond teams ran her. SG didn’t just adjust her to not be a problem, they nerfed her into oblivion. And only now, 3 years later, are we seeing even a partial reversion of that nerf.

Xnolphod used to be a top tier hero as well. Then they nerfed him and now he is scarcely ever seen. Even on offense, he went from my most used purple healer to being below even 4* like Rigard and Sabina because a 10% mana boost simply doesn’t cut it.

cKrampus was a pretty prominent threat upon release. Then he was cut down to be weaker than base Krampus and basically nerfed out of relevance.

Miriam & Midnight, another top tier tank, also butchered going from a fantastic tank and excellent offensive hero, to a tile-dump on defense and mediocre healer on offense.

So as far as nerfs of top-tier meta threats go, SG does not have a great track record. Sure, the nerfs proposed in the big balance update were relatively modest, but I am under no illusion that that would be the only nerf I’d they decided to take him down a peg.

For example, just look at the scope of the proposed nerfs to Anne and Jove where SG was prepared to lop of 80-100% from their damage

So sure. If be okay with nerfs if and only if SG handled them well. But history shows that they do not.

Additionally, the fact that we see top tier heroes nerfed, only to see stronger heroes released soon after dispels the illusion that these nerfs are in anyway about game balance.


While I agree that they tend to overdo it,

But that would actually be pretty okay? They do vastly more damage than their speed should allow.

In a world where 450% to one on fast was the norm, having 450% + 225% to all others + two debuffs would still be very strong, and same applies to Anne.

I’d say that’s a reasonable middle ground between a useless slap on the wrist and complete nuking to oblivion like Telly.

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Nerfing is crime (by the way I don’t have Aramis or other fancy heroes)

As a proud owner of an lb2 Aramis I still think g Hippo is worse than him.

Leave this guy alone, give him some love like he wants to give.

When they gonna balance the game?? Nerf those OOOOP HEROES. Game is not playable anymore. Game must give players fun, not madness.

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Here’s nerf Aramis poll:

  • Nerf Aramis
  • Nerf Aramis and Hippo
  • Don’t nerf Aramis
  • I don’t know

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You are kidding, right???
Hippo is not even in OP section while Aramis is the most broken OP hero in history

I also have an explanation. Raiding against Hippo presents no problem whatsoever for me. While raiding against Aramis USING a Hippo is such a pia

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Not joking!

I don’t want hippo nerfed I don’t want anyone nerfed (hate that word, just sounds stupid and brainless).

I don’t believe any hero should be nerfed, but I think Hippo can be more of a pain because of where he sits generally.