Nerf killhare

My opinion is that killhare is OP. When she goes off your whole team is pretty much toast.

and finley,gravemaker,seshat, ursina,all ninjas, buddy,grevelle…to name a few

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My opinion is that Killhare is not OP.

Her attack ability is well above average, because she has the caveat that she leaves her allies vulnerable with a non-dispellable defence debuff.

It does require planning and timing to attack her. Avoid wasting other defence down attacks that will be overwritten, for instance. Consider causing her to fire early before your team is badly damaged and then attacking with your own AoE heroes.

Similarly, Finley’s downfall is riposte. Boril, Cyprian and Elena are all good options. He is usually in the wing as a hail Mary.

For Gravemaker - cleansers like c.sonya and c.caedmon are no accessible ways to beat him. Take Rigard too for extra security.

Every hero can be beaten.


Please don’t nerf Killhare - I’m still not happy with how far the Telluria and Vela nerf went. My defense sucks now and if Killhare gets nerfed I’m done.


@ Jonah. Sorry, but I completely disagree. With the way the tiles are in this game, your team is beat up to some extent no matter how fast you try to get killhare to fire. Therefore, every time she goes off you have nothing left to fight back with. She does 300% damage so the defense debug is a moot point

Please play candy crush so u don’t need to worry about OP heroes either for now or in the future.

It use the same game mechanic which is match 3. And seems suitable for faint hearted people who can’t adapt with EP gamelplay


No doubt she is tough but I find absolutist statements rarely make for sound arguments.

The random element of the board certainly means that sometimes the situation is out of control but ‘every time’ is not my experience and is actually anathema to a game based on RNG.

In my experience, she is tough but beatable, similar to many, many others.

She is poor against big titans and mediocre against tough map levels and challenges but good on raid offence and defence.

The game needs variety and Killhare is a very minor part of the landscape.

Here’s the first two Killhare teams I found - both all heroes at +20. I beat them with three classic heroes including two 4*

Yes, there are occasions that everyone loses but Killhare is not noticeably more challenging than ursena, c. Quintus, Frigg, alfricke, Finley, c.magni, lady Loki, the ninjas I can’t remember, GM, Jabberwock, etc etc


She is already balanced:

  • she does not do anything but a pure dmg, as opposed to many AoE hitters
  • she even cripples her own teammates after firing, which really makes it risky to use her defensively anywhere but a wing; she’s average mana so chances are she won’t charge there

Yes, if you leave her be and let her charge once she fires she can be morderous. But there are so many ways to play around that (attack debuff/defense buff, prepare your healer, or you know just Kill Her :facepunch:). That’s not OP hero.

OP hero is like what Telluria first was with no ways to charge anyone before she murdered you even if your squad could technically counter it with their specials (so what if they can’t use them). Or Ursena with her ability to deal more damage to and counter the only color that could counter her effectively. Or Finley with sniper-tier hit affecting all heroes whenever you take a stupid elemental link with you, which is basically any HotM. I don’t find Killhare among any of the OP heroes.


There are a great many heroes in this game that seem to destroy my entire team when they fire; if I were to list them all to be nerfed, I suspect just about everyone would disagree with me.

Currently, there is no one single hero that stands out to be as being indestructible. Because none of them are individually.

Now… when my opponent has 5 of those nasty heroes all on one team (with 20 emblems on each)… that’s a different story!

Nerf players with fully OP rosters!


The main difficulty with Killhare is the rest of the team surrounding her.
You usually need to focus on more pressing targets and leave her in the corner.
If you didn’t target her early, you then have to deal with the consequences.

Same for Finley, Jabber, etc.


Teams like that, I usually try to ghost the scary ones so that they don’t fire at all. Or… once I charge up all my specials, I try to nuke them into oblivion.

It’s not so bad when the opponent only has 2 or 3 devastating heroes on the bench. When all 5 of them are fully lethal… well… I guess that’s just a team I shouldn’t be messing with in the first place.

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In my opinion, Killhare should be buff as 400% damage to all of ememies, because sometimes she could not kill at onetime which is disappointed.


Killhare is usually well hidden in the right corner, making it difficult to force her to fire early. If your team is under a def down ailment, or the attacker has an active attack buff, you’re pretty much toast… fortunately, Killhare is a rare sight, so I doubt she’s in any danger of being nerfed.

Rather then nerf her, i feel Sir Roostey need a buff.

Both Killhare and Lepus once they go off are really dangerous, and can be used both for competitive purposes and find their place in competitve raid teams.

Sir Roostey on the other hand is quite situational and most of the time can’t use all his strenght.
At the same speed, Killhare always do what she can do while Roostey not.

So nope, i like Killhare and Lepus as seasonal heroes, as they are worth pile up coins to chase them but not broken.

Can’t say the same for Roostey, which find in yellow zone many other better heroes.


While she deals a lot of damage… by herself she isn’t powerful at the point of being boken.



Nah, I think 500% at a minimum. Her name is “Killhare”, not “Significantly Damage and sometimes Killhare”!

Buff Killhare please, E&P.


To be even more technical however, her name is not “Killerhare” or “Killedbyhare”. It’s “Killhare”. So she anyways is not doing what she is advertised to do




Leave heroes alone. Listen to beta testers, you have them for a reason.

Happy Thanksgiving


I always said. Finley. Killhare. Ursena are OP. Theyr damage is to high for the heroes that we have to fight them.
Just take a look at my videos in Nerf Finley topic.

They speak for themself !

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