Nerf Jade please!

Zhuge Liang was by far the weakest w3k heroes. He got a really needed buff, after that while not being great he was at least better than before, but still miles behind the other heroes from his portal.

But it became clear really fast, that even mediocre that he was, he destroyed the game completely after his buff, so Sg nerfed him in an emergency balance update to make the game once again fun.

But they overlooked another hero from the last buff list.


Once absolut garbage, now not completely useless, she’s dominating the game in every mode together with her partner in crime Zhuge Liang. She needs to be nerfed too. ASAP. It’s unacceptable that she’s still allowed to roam the empire in her current state.

I plead you Sg, don’t wait to long and give her the well earned nerf to put her back on the bench together with Zhuge where they belong.