Nerf it, or buff it? Why not (drum roll), Burf it!

I’m getting as tired of all the nerf or buff posts as Santa’s dog.
I suggest a thruce!
Anyone in for raids or tournaments should have the possibility to opt in for the HOTM (Hero Of The Moment) as tank. It name should be Burf The Random, and everything about the hero should be RNG. Except the name. Same chance as a regular hotm, but what stats it gets and what special it gets is completely random. You can opt in for this both as defending or attacking team, as defending you get some bonus for doing it, as attacking you some random, possibly (and preferably) exceptionally silly “bonuses” for doing it.
And by opting in you (your player name at least) are unable to create a nerf/buff post on this forum for 14 days.

Essentially the contents of this thread:

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