Nerf is just a tool to increase sales

I’m not going to comment anything else here, because when they put the admins to comment, that I’m not even sure who plays, it’s not worth commenting on what they don’t know.


Not only do you complain non stop about wanting free loyalty things, now you’re delving into conspiracy theories as well? You know, I feel sorry for you. Yes, SGG hired me as a spy to only say positive things about them. Hahahaha thanks for making me laugh.
You simply fail to realize that this game is a business that provides an entertainment product and if I am entertained I am going to spend money on it. If you can’t afford to spend money, enjoy the free side of it and quit complaining.

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Is that you complaining in Portuguese now?

LOL! So disconnected from reality. I guess that’s what happens when your own defense team consists of pre-historic heroes like Zimkitha and Clarissa and you raid against similar teams at 2100 cups. You don’t see fight the teams with C Alasie, Hulda, El Naddaha, C Kong, Xnolphod, Penolite, and the other dozen heroes who make up the top defense meta.

Yes… 2100 cups

Last couple of raids

A few older but recent ones.

So, what exactly is your point? Why don’t you show some of your screenshots? I doubt we would believe they’re yours though.

Edit: Oh, was this supposed to be a distraction from the fact that before you got Guardian Panther’s costume you were crying for a nerf? And now you have it, you don’t want it nerfed? I mean seriously, responding back to a post I made 3 months ago?

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Nice try.

I posted another video today in 🦅 Kullervo – 5* Holy / Yellow from Legends of Kalevala of five random attacks, but you won’t believe that either. Probably a fake, right?

LOL, Zimkitha, Rigard, Malosi… yeah you’re really qualified to speak to anything after, oh, 2018. “There is no defense meta” was such a profoundly ignorant statement that it had to be called out.

So, you burned up a bunch of raid flasks, not all that impressive. I mean you’re back down to 2600 now. And without even trying I’ll get into the top 100.

But I guess you do what you want considering you want to spend a lot of money and chase the latest heroes because you don’t know how to make use of the heroes you already have.

Oh, and BTW, if I can reach 40 with my “obselete” heroes, imagine what I can do with the latest and greatest.

Edit: Should add that a quick look at the video isn’t impressive. Am I supposed to be impressed? Because most of those defenses aren’t the top tier defenses that you said I don’t see.

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Whatever. If your point is that I can’t comment because I don’t deal with high end defenses, well, I’ve pretty much shown that you are wrong. The fact that I don’t have the latest OP heroes to beat them must make one wonder why waste thousands of dollars and do no better than someone who spends no money.

Edit: And I don’t whine about nerfing heroes that I don’t have, you’re the big spender who keeps posting up nerf threads.

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I think your comments have definitely hit a sore spot :joy::joy:. Love it!

He’s just sore that we’re calling him out for being a hypocrite: calling for a nerf on Guardian Panther’s costume when he didn’t have it. And then when he gets the costume, deletes his message supporting a nerf and now posting that we shouldn’t nerf the costume.
I mean who else would respond to a 3 month old topic? And thinking that my opinion doesn’t count beause he thinks I raid in platinum or gold.

Would you be so ind as to point me at those deleted message calling for a nerf?

Follow the trail here.

If you click back to this post, it will show the quote where he called for a nerf. If you follow back the quote, you will see he deleted it.


Went from “Not spending a dime on that portal” and a bunch of “nerf C-GP” comments to 800 pulls to get her (according to them) to quickly deleting his pro-nerf banter. Quite a funny storyline.