NERF GUIN for crying out loud

I put this topic in bugs and issues category because that’s what such an OP character is that hasn’t been adjusted yet to balance out other heroes - an issue. Sure, I understand the politics. Everyone knows that she’s the raid Tank to have, so reintroduce Guin from time to time to make a ton of revenue. Have you made enough yet? When is taking advantage of customers on this gamble game enough? I’ve been playing E&P everyday for over a year and a half and have spent A LOT of money. I don’t have Guin and I don’t want her. Anyone can beat her if they stack hero colors, but you’ve nerfed those algorithms so much plus introducing ridiculous raid shields… Look, I like to play this game using skill and tactic not OP heroes. Figure it out devs.

Please review these similar topics. Guinevere is an amazing tank who can be very annoying to deal with, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she should be nerfed. She is mediocre on all offensive uses,which balances out her defensive strength.


Of course Guin is an amazing Tank. That’s the point. If heroes were balanced appropriately, the top players would have mixed setups of different tanks and heroes. Then this game would be more challenging and progressive.

Please do as @Wharflord recommended and read the threads linked. If you think you have something new to add to the conversation then by all means add it. If you just want to re-hash what’s already been said, then I’m not sure there’s much value in that.


Again, another point. There is nothing more to add. It’s already been said a number of times. I’m just one more voice that agrees with the majority. The fact that this complaint is debated has no value.