Nerf for War/Raids but not for the rest?

The arrival of Kalo brought a discussion about overpowered heroes and possible problems in raids and wars

Then, in order to keep the balance, there have been many opinions in favor of nerf these heroes

But I want to make another point of view

My focus on the last leveling heroes was to use Ferrant and Azmia for the next Tower of Magic. Suddenly the nerf came before

Costume Krampus was also nerfed and diminished my chances on towers, since I don’t have so many heroes

They are still effective but less than before

Since most of people are worried about the impact of these overpowered in raids and wars, my suggestion is:

If it’s supposed to be nerfed, just do it for matches against other teams. Make something like a “nerf seal” and apply it in the matches

And let the hero be for the farming, quests, events and challenges

So this can be reviewed down the road as the game goes on

It’s a little silly and I don’t know if it’s feasible, however, we could try to help the ones who are worried about balance in wars and raids without bother the ones that have other plans for the heroes

I agree with you but don’t see how nerfing Krampus costume makes him weak for PvE

It was just an example using some of the latest nerfs

Krampus is still very useful