Nerf for Max, Furdinand & Barkley as a boss in Mighty Pets event

Hello! I noticed that in the Mighty pets event, some heroes got too strong (Max, Furdinand, Barkley). My idea would be to reduce the power of these heroes. Max’s buff should be reduced from 80% to at least 60%, Because in battles, if Max uses his special skill, the opponents will be practically immune. Furdinand’s skill is also too strong. The scope of the effect should be reduced from all allies to the effects of the caster and nearby allies and buffs should be reduced by 1 turn. And Barkley’s post-fiend damage should be reduced from 500 to at least 400.

leave the poor pets alone, there are so many to nerf, but sure not these :rage: :bear: :grin:
And Toto already got the biggest nerf possible by renaming him :disappointed_relieved:


There is a skill you can use, dispel, that will remove furdinand and Max buffs.


I guess you haven’t played against Barley too much, there are very few people who have him. Why would you want to nerf him and other pets? Are you a person who hates pets?

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They will nerf Furdinand unfortunatly :smirk:. They are not OP heroes, OP are fast AoE with crazy skills like 350% attack, mana reduce, insane boost heal and so on.

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is this serious? there are several ways to combat these heroes, just assemble the team with the correct special skills that will succeed in their attacks. Now some new heroes can appear with the purpose of countering other heroes, so the imbalance decreases.

Max is kind of meh already, Furdinand is getting hit by nerf cannon and Barkley is in game for less than days, so it’s hard to assess his efficiency yet. So no (in Barkley’s case probably not yet).