Nerf Finley!

I don’t have Finley, Ursena or Killhare. The only one of that trio I have a lot of trouble with (assuming a less than horrendous board) is Killhare. Nasty, nasty rabbit-lady. I’d love to have her, and Ursena. Finley I can take or leave. Sure he can wreck your team on a good day but so can many others. Bear in mind that I’m a bit rubbish at PvP, so I fear all sorts of combinations that better players laugh at. Finley as part of one of those terrifying full-emblem 30-troop all-event-hero teams is an instant reroll. But adding Finley to a mediocre team won’t turn it into a good one - not the way Telluria used to do when she was new. Now THAT was OP.

Why bother playing if your calling for constant nerfs do you want a challenge or would you just like it easy

Same individuals calling for nerfs probably stack holy against Ursena then complain about counter attacks

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Personally, I don’t mind heroes who are excellent, I like challenges, I just mind the imbalance, I had a full Vela and weakened it 4 times and I don’t even use it anymore when I’m going mono or in war. And she wasn’t strong enough at all to have to do it, and they made a lixia with her …

Forget that Nerf thing. Heroes like: GM, Finley, Ursena, Killhare, will never be nerfed as SG still manages to earn a lot of money from them. Nerfs never was and never will be for game balance, but for SG to find some way to earn more money from the unwary. just look at what they did after nerfing Tely and Vela, snorted all the S3 Heroes so that we could spend tons of money there in an attempt to replenish their squad with these Heroes still available for call. SG is sordid and has no respect for its customers. WAKE UP.


A couple of months ago I noticed that if Finley attack heroes with counterattack he hit every hero with buffs and only then die even if he was with 1 HP. It’s OK or bug? Looks illogical. For example with blind he can stop.
May be at this time it already fixed. Can anyone check it?

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No hero needs a nerf. If it bleeds we can kill it. All this nerfing is making a chess game into checkers.

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like unbalanced heroes are forced players to play checkers against chess

Killhare is slow and puts negative defense to the whole team. Don’t think she needs a nerf. Ursena hits all without that negative effect

She is not slow - she is average.

She is average not slow. And her damage is to high !

Sorry she’s average but still negative effect after she hits. If you heal after and then hit major damage is done.

You have any heroes still alive after she hits??? Wow!


She’s on my team so maybe it’s different but the teams I hit unless they are lower health don’t die they are just damaged. Then I’m left vulnerable.

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