Nerf Finley!

I looked for this and only found general nerf related stuff.
Finley needs to be nerfed. I dont care if hes rarer or used less, it’s not balanced. He needs a nerf.
(A) how could he be nerfed and still be useful?
(B) why does he need or not need a nerf?
© are there any heroes as blatantly broken as he is, singularly?

Finley is usualy left corner, being second blue to Vela. By the time he’s charged, I usualy got Mitsuko operational, so I don’t really much care about Finley. He usually just comits a spectacular suicide… I’m a lot more worried whenever I see Seshat in that spot… She dispells Mitsuko, allowing Vela a second shot, and that’s very bed…


Congrats, you have mitsuko the only counter in the entire game!
EDIT: And not really anymore!


Just bring pure S1 sniper power without elemental links and without buffs, a healer and a cleanser. Mits is cool vs Fin, but there are other strategies to counter him.

Nevertheless he’s very op and they should at least remove the def down ailment from his special.


I they should make him hit only one hero with full strenght and 115% dmg to the rest of them.
Ursena and Killhare as well. They can kill a hole team with one shot.
Ursena should be like elkanen, nerf her to give minor damage to near enemys not the same damage to the hole team.
Killhare as well. Her damage is to high if she hits 2 time your team is dead !


I call Finley committing suicide on Mitsuko’s reflect skill as “Firework”
The animation looks like 5 fireworks in random order.

And, Finley will do chain attack if the opponent has buffs on.
If not, Finley is just a good sniper…

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I wish I had Mitsuko.

Lady Loki is a partial counter as she can throw the defense down back (and any other cleanser can remove that). But Finley is particularly troublesome because you have to time Grazul effectively, and sometimes its a hard decision between using Grazul and blocking Finley’s d down and other DOTs and the partial heal but also knowing that Finley wlil end up hitting all of you in exchange, or holding off on Grazul and hoping that Finley’s 2 hits and other DOTs don’t finish you off…



You can try Blinding him and hope that his chain attack get interrupted.

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As discussed in the hero rebalancing thread, one idea to nerf Finely would be to make it so he only chains if the target has dispellable buffs. That way elemental links wont cause him to chain. At the moment, elemental link is a huge disadvantage when facing Finley bc the link lasts quite long with minimal benefit. Giving +5% attack/def dont mean jack when it leads to you getting chained on by Finley.


Take s look in here:

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Finley is fine the way he is. If he was any worse he wouldn’t be very good on offense. They already nerfed the :poop: out of his damage. He only actually hits two heroes. I don’t even use him on defense because I find Seshat more valuable. I war against top50 teams and face plenty of finley defenders, he’s FINE. If you don’t like him don’t attack him. You don’t have to.


Definitely nerf for finley and also jabberwock !!! If she could get my Guinevere 2 times a nerf, they should too!


Surely the title of this thread is a typo.

Finley desperately needs a Buff!

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Finley don’t need to be nerfed as he can be summoned regulary.

We need good hero to keep the game interesting.
If all good heroes are nerfed, then it will be boring.


JF is feeling overlooked…

Lol… You said it wrong…
He could be summoned if you pay millions of have a lot luck.

And he is still op, they just don’t nerfe him as he is their cash cow for pirates…
Otherwise noone would summon on that event.


I would also agree that his chain of attack should be limited to enemies with dispellable buffs, hence take out those elemental links from his range of attacks …outside this, I guess he is just fine.

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Finley must be nerfed, I dont know how he is on offense but when it’s on defense he can take out all your team.

Good luck to get it. Regularly?
I think you used the wrong word for it.
Finley does need a nerf. As even the elemental chain count as a buff his attack is OP.
Its need to be balanced otherwise if someone will cry again about telluria that she is still op then clear that people dont really understand this game

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