Nerf Costume Krampus

I’m really fed up of facing defenses with costume krampus, never mind which heroes I use on attack, I have a great roster, but it’s just a matter of killing or shutting down him quickly, or otherwise loosing 90% of the times. The berseker attack up of all the heroes is so OP that just with the slashes they can kill you, an AEO low hitter like Elizabeth does 600 damage to all, is just crazy.

I accept that the Christmas family is the new meta on defense, it’s ok that the squid can make all of them activate earlier, what I cannot understand is why even if I charge my taunt hero my heroes will dye stupidly to slahes.

Please, nerf costume krampus, a maximum % of attack up would be enough to avoid these silly raidings. Or just make that tiles or minion hits doesn’t count as hits: 45% + 20% per each hit is crazy.



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Because a maximum of attack up is not fair according to you? I’m not talking about his class, mana speed or whatever, the attack up is the problem as far as I’m concerned.

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I don’t think he’s OP. Not as good as Ludwig and a little better that BK. Just fine as is. Like many heroes these days he’s tough with a bad board.


Ludwig is slow, you have more time to charge your dispellers. And he doesn’t make the whole team become killers, just gives mana to the two besides him, and considering that the mana is given for the next several turns you have even more time to charge your dispelers and stop it.

I’m in 2700 to 2900 range most of the time and face him quite often, dont really find him to be an issue having so may counters to him

I find purple squid face way worse , guys a pain in the @@@


Ok, tell me which heroes do you use?

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C. Krampus can be problematic, however… stop calling for nerfs and ask for buffs to other heroes instead.


For him specifically, onyx, milena, sabina, melandor, the rest of the team depends who hes with.
Onyx is my favourite as she can stop him from ever having taunt in the first place


I have Milena, Seshat, Devana, Melendor, Costume Vivica… I usually raid with two dispellers against him but the defense heroes do a crazy damage with the berseker, that’s why they should fix that, just as there are some heroes with a maximum percentage, it’s not fair that you charge your taunt hero and you die because of slashes, come on.


If you’re tired of battling it, just bring debuffers or defense down heroes. He’s relatively easy if you know what you’re doing


Costume vivica is debuffer and defense down, she is +20 and I have a high mana troop as well, but the problem is that before I charge the two dispelers my heroes have been annikilated.

C krampus is strong, but at least he has a counter ie dispel

Xnolphod is way worse. There is no counter to his mana gain / debuffed tiles (except maybe karnov).
He also happens to be super tanky and can heal back the damage to boot. And he makes his entire team fast/ very fast.

He is the one who deserves a nerf


Nahhh no More nerfs to any heros even tho I think some of these nasty hero’s need it. Won’t call names just incase I get bombarded with comments from E&p specialists lol.

After the vela and telluria nerf no other should its not fair for those that spent so much time and money grabbing them.


This is the crazy and unfair effect, this shoud be nerfed. He makes the heroes serial killers.

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If you aren’t equipped to face the team, reroll.


Are you equipped? Which heroes do you use?

C Sabina is the best counter for him. Ideally get her to fire first but if not possible at least she can dispel the taunt. Pair her with Grimble and you can use the 5 minions he generates to charge up other heroes. If super paranoid about the attack buff bring C Mel as well so the two can work in tandem to remove the taunt and the buff. Other times Luigi for survivability. I generally only bring 2 dispellers if I am facing both Ludwig and C Krampus

Other heroes to actually do the killing. I bring in Tree, Franz, 2 Viscaros, Uraeus, Gulli depending on the team config


C Krampus is easy enough to deal with. Bring two dispellers. Ideally a buff blocker like c Sabina is the best solution. She actually makes him a liability to the other team because you can dump tiles into him with no worry about any of his buffs. He only spawns the minions at that point. Mana control heroes are the other option: Hel, Proteus, Hansel, etc…

He is far from OP. The ones you can’t counter are the OP ones. Ludwig with other Wolf heroes is just crazy when undispellable.


I agree with the presione posts, there is not need to ask for nerf, it is better to ask for ideas on how to beat him.

Dispellers and minions killers will do the job, if your have c Frank or Skadi you will freeze that team to death. Don’t use a minion team against it because every hit of the mi ion will increase their attack.

Many way to beat him just build the right team

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