Nerf Black Knight, Frigg & Odin due to synergy on Defense

Have you played everyday all 4 years like I have? I doubt you’d say the same thing if you had. But yeah, the hero cards are pretty I guess…

Vela gives all team 1 status alignment. You can’t count it as 5 as that status alignment effected 5 hero’s. It doesn’t work that way. The damage buff on Lady Loki checks every unique status alignment and add’s damage boost accordingly.

No that’s not how it works. Each ailment per hero counts as 1

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I’m pretty sick of all this “nerfing requests”. I can understand some rebalance but turning a rare 5* hero in useless trash just because someone complained is a slap to those that got that hero (by chance or by paying money).

I don’t have Frigg, BK, Odin and I don’t have Vela (but I have Telly which is now relegated on the bench).

I had found a nice counter against Vela using Mitsuko and that is not working anymore due to decreased attack. Very disappointing.

It’s not that everyone has the “killer combination”, go find a counter for them or skip the raid or just lose gracefully.

Stop ask nerfing every powerful hero you don’t have.


when taunt is not up-too many things to work trough in such short time

Sure… it’s called a challenge!

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Lets say we will take a boxer fight but you will have your legs and hands tied up.
would it be a challenge when one side is severly handicapped?
Its just bs excuses of people who (im not even sure why) defend some things.

Does it even matter how strong hero at defence is as long s you keep diamond?Ofc not - game neeeds to be enjoyable in offense.

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That whining arround is so brutal, serious… stop nerfing! There are many ways to beat those three. Of course some deffs are better than others, but thats how the Game works.
You can’t always win.

One of them alone is pretty easy to beat, all three together is tougher because they work good together.
But how are the chances to get all three?

Not very high, thats why they are better than others. And thats fine.

Should we nerf the Ninja‘s because they are stronger than others? Should we nerf costumes or eventheroes because they are stronger?


If somebody is Lucky enough to have all of them than fine, good for him/her.

In a couple month Season 4 is coming out and other, stronger heroes will come and nobody will talk about Frigg, BK and Odin anymore.



“but you don’t use [gems] to auto pick the legendary heroes you want.”

You don’t use chips to pick the aces or straight flushes you want either, BUT you’re still using money. They call that “gambling.” And so too is this.

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UN-NERF Vela and Tel and everything will be fine :slight_smile:

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Frigg needs to go from fast mana to slow mana.

BK leave alone.
Odin leave alone.

Problem solved.

She’s still OP at slow. Damage and defense down doesn’t change. Left-to-right positioning doesn’t matter because Frigg probably won’t fire before Odin unless she’s a tank. Puts her in line with other team wide defense down heroes (pretty sure literally all team wide defense down 5* are Slow unless any are eluding me).

She’s also a rogue and dodges offensive specials 20% of the time.

She’s stupidly OP at Fast mana as is, not sure how people (both who own and do not own her) contest this.

I’ll start by saying I don’t have any of the three heroes mentioned but I have been blessed with tremendous luck on a C2P basis.
I’m against a nerf. After the Telluria/Vela debacle I don’t think nerfs are needed tbh. Imagine Telluria and Vela as they were in the current climate, yes they’d be effective but no where near as dominant. I see the same thing happening in the future with FBO.
My opinion, not necessarily correct or appropriate but hey ho, all fun and games


So, you want to turn her into a worse version of Isarnia?

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Wrong. Frigg alone isn’t the problem, in fact, I think she is the least threatening. The catalyst is Garnet/BK. The fact that Odin increases mana generation is just as bad, if not worse. Frigg can be reversed or nullified completely, with Odin, you have to go around BK first, then dispell everyone else while hoping BK isn’t charged again.

frigg is to creazy. needs a big nerf

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Nope, just no. Do not ever touch her mana speed. She will be ■■■■■■ even on average speed. At most nerf her defence values from 44% to 39%, that is the closest nerf I will accept

This is not a guide or anything, just some videos on how I attacked F-BK-O teams in the last bloody battle tournament.

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I disagree.

Frigg is the biggest problem.

Firstly, she’s teamwide defense down. Every other teamwide defense down hero is Average at best, and only in the 4* range.

Secondly, she’s fast mana, and using the law of averages, she’ll fire with approximately 7 tiles.
100% + 18x7% (236% attack) teamwide with 8 + 4x7 (34% defense down). Fast mana.

Third, she’s rogue, so she gets the added benefit of dodging your snipes to take her down. And she’s pretty tanky. And when paired with BK/Krampus tank, if you haven’t focused to take him down, you’re dealing with taunt plus 50% attack on whom ever the right flank hero (lately most cases it’s Odin) on top of defense down.

She should at the very least get bumped to average. Or maybe reduce her attack to 9% per additional tile. Potential of 256% fast is too much.


I agree that she is a problem and should be fixed, but she has more counters, Odin does not.

Buff older and S1 foes to balance maintance on newer extremally powerful heroes. Why nerf something people already paid for and keep useless heroes useless collecting dust in our benches?


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