Nerf Black Knight, Frigg & Odin due to synergy on Defense

You strip Vela & Telluria of their powers then come out with Frigg & Odin who can wipe out a whole team in ONE HIT. WTF !!! Either give Vela & Telluria back to normal or do something with Frigg, Odin, Black Knight & all the other S3 heroes. Plus, these new god damn Ninjas are TOO MUCH !!! Either nurf them or you’re gonna lose more players. It’s all about money for y’all, but please stop destroying the game. It’s getting ridiculous !!!

Why black knight? He doesn’t do damage to your team and there are plenty of heros to counter his special.


Maybe coz, BK is paired with Odin and Frigg in a lot of high spenders defense. If and when BK fires, Frig and Odin just need to land a 1 2 punch and any team you take is mostly wiped out. I have had this experience a plenty and I now dont revenge or attack such defenses.


On a slow board against a team like this:

…his attack buff can make the rest of the team considerably more dangerous quickly.


Moderator’s Note

There’s already a thread about nerfing Frigg: Frigg needs a big nerf

This thread’s OP is walking the line of being a general complaint thread about Hero Balance across all of S3 and Ninjas, which is a bit overly broad.

In the interest of trying to shape a productive discussion that’s maybe not completely far-ranging, I’m revising the thread title to focus on the synergy of Frigg, Odin, and Black Knight, and specifically requesting a nerf for them.

Note that there’s a similar thread here discussing their synergy: New meta incoming? (Frigg, Black Knight, Odin)

And a related thread here: Are red tanks the new meta?

I’ll leave this thread separate for now, but it might end up merged if the discussion is just continuing one of the other threads.



Because BK’s special creates them to wipe you out. If they can nerf Telluria & Vela they need to fix it so BK’s special doesn’t allow them to wipe out a fully loaded team in 1 hit. It’s rediculous & totally unfair


Bring in Frida or sonya or both and problem solved. It’s not rocket science to beat Knight.


So now every time synergies that become hard to beat are created by game players out of good heroes (that may not be OP) we are going to petition to dismantle these heroes?? I hope this doesn’t become a norm because it’s not fair and makes having heroes pointless at this point.


Lmao, slow board? I can lose to a 4 star team with a bad board bringing in a 4500 team.


I don’t attack them anymore either. It’s absolutely rediculous. Cobalts special goes right threw Mitsuko’s special. That’s not right !!!


Bingo. People are going to complain and complain no matter what. Oh, no, I can’t beat this team blah blah blah.


Any Defense is easy to beat with a decent board.

So really any conversation about an effective Defense is about how quickly it becomes dangerous with an average or slow-ish board.

Frigg and Odin make effective flanks to Black Knight, because they punish an attacker for not clearing out green and yellow tiles — which are easy to be ignoring if you’re trying to charge blue that you stacked against BK, and the board is requiring some work.

I’m not arguing at all for a nerf, but I do agree they have great synergy as a center three.

Also, my response to you was because you asked:

…so it wasn’t clear you understood why the OP was listing him with Frigg and Odin.


Then bring in dispellers. There are plenty of them to counter him.


Yeah I skipped that part, but Knight had been out for over a year and there are plenty counters. You can just get mad that they made heros stack better with other a year later. Whats next, 2 years down the line, they are going to stack someone that’s guess we’ll with garbage reuben and people will complain


Now I do think that the Ninjas are individually designed OP, that’s different than combining good but not OP heroes and nerfing them because players have come up with hard to beat synergies. Those ninjas whether alone or paired are insane.


I agree with you on the ninjas, they are op, but I’m not ■■■■■■■■ about it.


They nerfed Vela & Telluria for this exact reason. Those of us that got them by spending lots of money got screwed when they nerfed them. They need to nerf ALL Season 3 heroes. They are way too powerful.

Or, un-nerf Telluria & Vela


Or, here’s an idea…don’t release over-powered heroes.

If this thread gets any traction (doubtful, as both Frigg and Odin are currently in the summon portal and are live revenue), it will take months to roll out.

By then the Villian heroes and S4 heroes will be the frontliners for most defences and there’ll be a thread to nerf those.

BK, Frigg & Odin will then join the bench with Telluria and Vela with their emblems stripped.

Does anyone else feel like we are all months behind the curve always trying to catch up ?
You should, cause the game is designed that way.


Okay, but Knight has been out for a long time. You cant complain because they brought new heros out that stack well with each other. If they would have brought reuben out the next month after tell, then they might not have had to nerf her so much.

Is it going to be an endless cycle of people complaining when they bring a new hero out and it stacks with a hero from a year ago?

Here ya go, I’ll show you a couple stacks you can bring in to easily use to dispell knight and not have to worry about frigg and odin.


What about qoh and krampus? Those next to get nerfed?

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