Nerf Bera, or at least buff her counters or at least let Malosi block the status effect of her minions

Someone paid money and got Monkar and someone Bera, if Bera is legendary what is others. Even her emblem is more powerful than others which should not be, I never attack her and cast status aliment on her because her emblem stopped me. It seems always active.
All of her counters are average, if we have a board that give us 10 tile before charge Bera we probably dont need her counter to win game. Her counter should be fast or very fast. And last why Malosi can not block her poison, it is from her minion and minion was produced by hero so it is status aliment of hero.
It is so annoying this huge difference between 5* heros.

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Beras kinda old news, she is a decent hero but more than a few counters for her.

Why bring her back up in a new thread? Did you happen to lose a raid against her?


This seems true to me…Bera, like Frigg, has a talent that appears to defy the odds posted for her talent. They trigger way more often than advertised. Maybe it’s confirmation bias on my part, but I did track Frigg for a month and she was way over the published rate on her talent triggering. Bera I predict is as well.
Still, Bera isn’t overpowered. Counter her with cleansers and mana blockers. She’s not close to the power of other heroes out there.


With a good minion counter like grimble you want bera to stay alive and keep firing multiple times and she becomes a tile dump. There is a point where it can drag too long and the minions whittle you away but you can probably let her cast 3 times before that happens. Imagine another strong hero like frigg firing 3 times at tank… and you can’t even turn her special against her team.

What minion counters do you have? If you don’t have any then I can see her being a tough tank to take down. 4*s are good too - namely c gormek and gobbler. Unconventional heroes such as myztero lady loki and elradir are also options.

A couple of examples of how effective grimble is against bera. I cut the first one a bit closer than it should have been through a non optimal board move that added a few turns to getting the 9 purple matches


Another cry baby over nerfing hero…Come on when did u guys will grow up… She is not an OP hero to nerf, better u BUFF ur strategic play in offensive raids


My Bera counter is Poseidon in a 3 yellow stack. Make sure Poseidon has his special up before killing Bera or use him to kill her and you dont need to worry about the mana cut. Then an attack all to clear out the minions remaining.

Sure if you get no tiles it’s hard to win but that’s the same with everyone.


Seshat is the only hero I have who can resist Bera’s mana cut… but like with Freya and Norns, I just try to leave them for last when attacking. exception is if I can kill them very early in the match, and there are many tiles of my color on the board. Works out fairly well.

Maybe this will help the OP… inn case OP has none of the heroes mentioned as counters earlier in this thread.

I don’t fear her anymore since I own Prof Lidenbrock. Otherwise, I tried to use Red Hood in order to block her mana cut, and stacked yellow to put her down with tiles.

I just use Gobbler against her and Freya, and they become tile dump heroes.

When I’m done dumping tiles on them, I activate Gobbler, remove all of their hard work and heal everyone back to full.


No no no and no!
She is not an OP hero.
We just need to strategies to counter her special skills.
Like many before me mentioned, Gobbler, Grimble & few other can do the trick to keep her in check or clip her wings! :butterfly:


Of course she is OP. Everyone who defend her already has her. So of course they don’t wanna nerf.

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All right, have a word from someone who doesn’t have her (me). I don’t see the point of a nerf. It’s really not worth all the aggravation. I have cleansers and I have Grimble (and C. Gormek), and she is no more of a problem than any other decent tank.Without Grimble it would be more of a challenge, but she can still be seen off. Before I got round to levelling him I used Noor against her, not quite so effective as she had to be cleansed at the right moment, but do-able. And of course Skadi (who I don’t have either) loves a summoner.


I can assure you that I don’t have her and I can assure you that I love seeing her at a tank position.

Is it really defending her when you say she is not that strong?

She absolutely does not need to be nerfed. No hero currently at the top of the food chain needs a nerf, with c kad being the closest in my opinion - but still does not cross the line

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She is beatable right now, even with 4* heroes like Gobbler, cGormek, Captain of Diamonds or with 5* HOTM Grimble. There is very good synergy with Uraeus (another HOTM) - apply his sand damage, then clear all of the minions with some of the minion eater. Best counter so far seems to be prof. Lidenbrock (ofc, hard to get), and new HOTMs coming ahead, like Devana. With so many counters I guess, that her glory days will soon be over.

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It’s tiring all these people who don’t want to be ridiculed by the defenses of whales. Leave them alone! Let yourself be ridiculed.
Of course ! The heroes are super well balanced! Besides, to beat Bera I recommend you to use Quintus.

Nobody has said that… a minion counter will make her an absolute liability like in this video. If you don’t have any counters at all then stacking yellow or another color is probably the way to go

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I see a lot of ideas for dealing with her, which is nice…

but almost all of them are “use Grimble / Gobbler / Poseidon” blah blah. The only vanilla counter is C-Gormek… and arguably, not vanilla as you need the costume.

it would be nice to see more of, how to beat her without these heroes - though to be fair we are seeing some. speaking as an FTP, I would find advice more helpful if it includes “in case you don’t have a counter, use this…” because yeah I’m not confident about my chances of pulling Poseidon or Uraeus or Grimble within the next 5 years lol

@Homaclese recommends stacking Yellow (or at least another color)

@Rduke77 a while back recommends bringing cleansers and mana blockers, and there are some viable Vanilla heroes who do that

I’ve earlier recommended saving her for last, for those who don’t want to be hit by her mana cut.

If I’m remembering correctly from OP’s previous posts and the mention of Malosi I was not thinking they were F2P I could be wrong though.

It would help with these kind of threads if the posters would include what they have in the way of heroes and then ppl could offer more constructive advice for what heroes to use or which to level to have best chance to beat the lineup/ heroes they are struggling against.

I’ve tried a couple of times to create threads like this but they’ve never gotten any traction, maybe its cos it’s my name attached to it dunno.

If there isnt anything other than rants about heroes needing needed or being too hard to beat with nothing to go on though it’s hard to suggest anything…

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If you don’t have the anti minion heroes then stack yellow against her.

It sometimes seems that way… i.e C kadilen seems to dodge everytime, frigg and Maryana always seems to evade and so on… But i don’t see her withstand anymore than joon or the other monks.
I got so fed up with frigg evading i started using Natalya against her… please accept that this game is not necessarily fair, there are those that have the hero’s and those that don’t.
It’s SG business model to make money from people trying to get those key heroes.

Best bet is try to pull C Gormek… He is awesome anti minion hero… i have video where he kills all her minions, does damage and then heals everyone in the team by 800. Maybe we should nerf him instead )

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