Nerd Herd Needs a Nerd

We’re an easy going, slightly odd, sometimes quiet Alliance (there are about 15 active talkers, and others chip in occasionally) who have grown in the last 6 months or so with some excellent, powerful additions which means we have moved from fighting 6 star Titans to 8/9 and the occasional 10, which we have yet to beat… maybe you could help bring that extra firepower!

We have no defined war tank, just use your flags
and come and chill, and enjoy the game. We do have a Line setup too but its not required.

We currently have one space.

I’m not looking for an alliance, but just wanted to say you have a great alliance name. And then I saw the name of the leader… of course! :rofl:

As it happens I’m just re-watching Chuck, in these mostly still stay-at-home days… it’s still funny. :nerd_face:

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Haha! Thank you! Yes, very apt. Good watch in these uncertain times too :slight_smile:

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