~Neptune's Raft~ 8-9 star titans. [Closed]


Today is the 30 day Anniversary of ~Neptune’s Raft~! We started with the baby titans and 9 members. 30 days later we are taking down 7 stars and currently working on an 8 with 20 people! Each one of our members is actively daily and are very helpful and friendly, they range from experienced to beginner. If you want to hop on this raft and ride the sea of growth and good times, we welcome you. Only 10 spots left!


We have been looking for you! Our group is great mix. A teaching alliance with daily active members and big dreams! We are working on 7 and 8 star titans, have experienced and beginner members. We have only 6 spots left! Come hop on our raft today, we can help get you where you wanna go!




3 spots left…we are all active daily and happy to teach. A great mix of experienced and beginner players. We are taking down 7 and 8 star titans. Come hop on our raft today.


Looking for a home where everyone is active, friendly and helpful. Well you found us! 2 more spots, come on in and bring a friend! (Taking down 7 and 8 star titans)


It has been awhile since we have had an open spot, come hop on our raft while you can. We are steadily growing and currently working on a 9 star titan. We are also on discord. If you are more casual, we have a second alliance, Neptune’s Life Boat. Whatever your playing style we have a spot for you. Come join us today!


@Rook could we close this post please i have posted a new one due to changes in leadership. Please an thank you :slight_smile:


@Rook, please do close this one out. I am fine with that. Thank you ! :):grin:


Thanks laguz…hope all is well :slight_smile: