Nemesis: Proposed New Hero

From Allurex of my alliance, a new hero idea in keeping with the goddesses Hel and Athena: Nemesis (Greek for Vengeance)

New Hero Idea Concept:
HotM Purple/Dark 5*

Name: Nemesis
Title: “Vengeance Incarnate / Avatar of Vengeance”
Gameplay Role: DPS
Team Cost: 26
Power: 780
Max Level: 80
Attack: 784
Defense: 666
Health: 1332
Special: Blind Vengeance
Speed: Average

Deals 225% damage to two random enemies, plus an additional 1.5% for each 1% Health they are missing.
[Numbers can change, proposition of concept of increased damage based on missing health.]
The Caster gains an undispellable buff for 6 turns: When this hero dies, it resurrects with 50% health and 0% mana.
[Potential Balancing proposition in case this turns out to be too strong: Upon resurrection, gain -30% mana generation for 3 turns.]

Proposed artistic theme:

Nemesis is a battle-scarred warrior, an angelic creature fallen from grace and consumed by her own thirst for revenge. She has lost her senses and the only thing left is her lust for combat, even beyond death. Her wings are broken and tattered, her eyes are gouged out and hidden behind a bloody blindfold. She has a dented set of battle-tested armor, numerous battle scars and a large two-handed sword with a nicked, rusty blade, which she wields with undeniable ferocity.


Nemesis is meant to be a unique form of Damage Dealer, that, while very deadly, lacks utility and focus. She cannot choose her targets, nor can she control them in any way. She has a high attack stat, for which she sacrifices a large chunk of defense. Additionally, she has the ability to revive herself (and only herself) as a recurring threat if not dealt with decisively. The goal is to create a unique brand of DPS that, while easy to kill, may not be a priority target, but when left alone and allowed to charge, can be a tricky threat to deal with.
Her area of expertise would be titan battles, due to her high base attack. Additionally, the randomness would be eliminated, the damage scaling would benefit her more in later attacks on the titan and her reviving ability would allow her to push through even an 11* rare titan fight in spite of her low defense, if she is charged and utilised consistently.

Please do keep in mind that this is a concept, not a balanced hero. Stats are always subject to change and will likely be tweaked significantly if this hero should ever make it into a balancing stage.

Thank you for helping with the brainstorming phase and for posting on my behalf, Rook! :slight_smile:

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Resurrection is a great skill but Nemesis need nothing else.

Proposed image? I’m kind of visual.

I’m not much of an artist, but I did try to give a description of the hero’s visual assets and artistic theme, if that is any help.

an ability so to make this squashy hero to rise up free from the constraints of a conscience and continue to wreck havoc on his/her enemies with his/her brutal and efficient tactics.

GJ @Allurex

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She should be accompanied by a griffin (according to greek mythogy). Maybe the griffing can cause part of her damage?


… is it a she?!

My imagination of this particular “version” of Nemesis is a fallen one, past diety and descended into madness.
Besides, it’s not like SG’s mythological adaptations are precise.

I like the idea of a companion, but that concept has already kind of been done through other minion summoners.

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She is the Goddess of (deserved) Revenge in greek mythology.

I was doing an internet image search for “Nemesis” and found this:

I like the bloody bandages visual, and torn wings…but I’m also liking the whole hood thing :grin:


I was just about to make a post about resurrectable heroes. Similar to the idea of a Phoenix.

I believe they should be weak in their first form, then strong when the resurrect.
This would make raids very interesting because you would have to try NOT to kill them, while killing the other heroes.

It would also be great for fighting monsters because you could get them as far as possible without healing, then when the resurrect your team gets a second wind.

An even crazier twist would be if their element changed when they resurrected. Now that would lead to all kinds of interesting stuff.

Like a Dark hero that dies and becomes Holy. Or a Nature hero that dies and becomes Fire.


Very nice Rook! Like it resembles a raven.

What if someone has two (or five) heroes like that in their team?

Then color stacking Holy heroes against her, combined with her low defense, is going to make it an easy fight before she gets her special off. She’s an Average speed, so you’ve got a few turns to kill her and charge your specials for the others.

It’s a really interesting concept, and I was playing around with the idea of targetted resurrection as well, like a healer that can protect a single target from death with a buff (unlike Alberich who resurrects them after death at a 33% chance).
However, I wanted to keep it relatively simple at first, because this mechanic could turn out to completely throw off Alliance War’s balance.

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I like it, we need something different from what they have been putting out. She sounds a lot like my teenage daughters.


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