⚖️ Nemesis - 5* Holy / Yellow from Tower of Styx


More than i said i would so…its on me… should have stuck to my plan…oh well, lol… we all know I’m a big softie puss…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: i should have a decent amout of tokens saved by the release of the rest…buy here’s the thing, it really never gives me the one i really want…like ninja…i have every single one except topaz…cok… every single one except eloise…circus …all but zuri (recently received from SE :slight_smile: ) anyway you get the point.
@kmwlew hope you pulled the ones you desired!


You mean that 470% damage is to all enemies…?!

The wording is … to the target …. For all 3 mana charges = one target.

Which is what I said !

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Doesn’t work against Xnolphod. And even if it does, Xnolphod heals a lot more than 200. What’s the point?

That’s probably the whole point of her skill, to reduce the healing. Healing reduction is the only way to counter xnolphod at this point
Ain’t free lunch for squidface anymore. Gotta pay with some health

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@dansing no I was referring to the secondary ability in her first and third charge where it applies 200 damage for enemies trying to increase mana. At around the 8:10 min mark you said you needed to check if it applied to one enemy or all because you thought it was probably just to the one who gets the whack. I’m just letting you know that it’s all enemies. Sorry for the confusion :smile:

Health doesn’t kill you. Xnolphod’s teammates gain mana and cast together does. Who cares when Xnolphod heals a bit less, it’s the mana gain.

When you get to cast first, there are teams that can kill anyone with full HP anyways.

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Since the first hit is already 470,does it make sense to just use first hit? Instead of waiting longer for the 600+ hits?

Ahaa… cool, that’s a good info … bcoz, I couldn’t remember from beta testing her…:grinning::+1:


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Yep, that’s exactly what I said in my hero Analysis.

Many Styx hitters I would stick to using the first charge…which is fast & useful….

  • as waiting till charge 3 is too long.
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The secondary effect may help not that much against Xno, but she is very effective in cases where you can only get 6 holy tiles before Xno fires. If you are using her in a 3/2 with 3 tiles on Xno and her hit, Xno dies easily so he normally would be dead anyway after she fires.

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Seems to be a perfect pairing for C Jackal. Should one shot most enemies with both being able to charge so quickly.


Got her and I am levelling her as quick as possible… goodbye all mana heroes! :slight_smile:
When I place her on the right wing as attacker, her animation is off-screen, is this a bug?

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This amazed me… She got hit by Marjana and volaa…

A shame I had no fire heroes :smiley:

But this is noted; Check for defense down heroes in the enemy team and bring a relevant damage dealer together :smiley:

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Noticed the defense ailments cast back to me in the tower too. Switched team to have no defense down towards the middle of the impossible because it is serious. A fantastic family bonus.

I have faced a few teams with three or more Styx heroes and it wrecks havoc with my usual team that has defense down.

I summoned none of the 5* but have the 3* which will be fun in tournaments and also have two 4* which should also be nice (eventually).

Congratulations on your excellent hero.

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Here are my thoughts!


My initial happiness has a little bit cooled down… she seems to be always attacked first and her skill only seems to be applied to direct mana boost, not to mana speed increases. Tested the first provinces of Season 3 were these Brynhilds give mana speed bonus and there was no damage applied to them. Can anyone confirm that?

Nope, worked perfectly fine here :+1:

On her first charge, they get the Mana-Bonus and received 200 dmg each time it ticked.
On her second/third charge, they are immune to the Bonus (so no Dmg is applied from this buff)

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Ah, that was the problem! I only watched the second and third charge! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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