Neith Viv or leave Leo

Opinions please, should i replace Leo in my defense team or leave him be. Neith or Vivica as possible replacement now I have the mats

Magni will be replacing Isarnia soon. I think. Also maybe Grazul to replace Elena. Therefore I may not need Vivica. I don’t know anymore lol

I think Leonidas is your best yellow hero for your current defense.

Would you be tanking with Grazul? :thinking: She’s too passive for that spot IMO but she’s got the stats. Given that, I’d say you are going to want an offensive team behind her, which does leave Vivica out. Neith too IMO, as she doesn’t deal much damage – I think Neith is best on defense when paired with other mana sabotage tanks (like Boss Wolf or Mitsuko)

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Hi bud, well i don’t have a great tank at present, isarnia filling the role atm. So my choices are leave as above, they do ok tbh defensively. Or possible replacements in colour are, Kingston or Lianna, Sartana Quintus or Grimble, Viv or Neith or Justice, Magni, Grazul or Khagan

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I would definitely be using neith instead. Her blind ability will definitely help your heroes survive a little longer and fire their specials a little more often, especially that there’s a lot of slow mana. Her mana cut can help too, but her utility is really the average mana blind all.

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Tough choices. I’d rule out Vivica because A) You already have a healer/regen in Albie and B) You already have 3 slow heroes in Albie, Elena and Isarnia.

I know you are going to replace Isarnia with Magni, but that brings up another issue. You have a good class mix with your defense team now. Elena and Magni, however, are fighters so you will be splitting emblems. I know plenty of folks who do that, just pointing it out.

Neith is average speed, has good utility in dropping mana and the blind for all. And she is a ranger so the class works (unless you’ve already given your ranger emblems to someone else).

I’d probably go Neith first if you have the emblems, if not stick with Leo.

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yeah well that’s okay, as long as you are staying in Diamond I think it’s fine :slight_smile: Grazul can be nice flank imo, as tank she just buys me time to charge all my hero skills and then hammer her team :stuck_out_tongue: being flanked by two fast heroes like Kage and Magni can minimize that risk though

Regardless I prefer Leo over Neith myself for your available heroes to defend with.

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Thanks guys, there are a few team choices i just need to think hard about what i want. Slow mana gain is an issue yes, every scenario has it’s pros and cons. Magni is rather squishy compared to Isarnia but damage goes up. Kingston super fast but Alby is a game changer. Swap Elena for Grazul keep Leo that’s a very fast possible team Kageburido thrown in too. Or choose Khagan and Viv instead. Also I recently acquired Justice. I like Elena, I like Kage, emblem wise they are all emblem active so maybe I should just leave as it is. Damn i love this game