Neith resists Onatel's mana steal [NOT A BUG - WORKING AS INTENDED]

thanks for posting. I have confirmed that this is working as intended - Neith’s passive skill resists Onatel’s mana steal effect.


That doesn’t make sense…

If onatel slows mana generation by stealing it and it’s seen as a special that stops mana gains, then wouldn’t the resist include any skill that slows the gain of mana?

Or is it due to onatel’s 4th turn steal of all mana which seldomly fires on defense(cant speak for offense) and doesnt require much of a steal

If it’s due to onatel’s 4th turn, then is it possible to only have neith resist proc on 4th turn of the special?

Idk probly simpler to leave it as is

What will be interesting is jean’s health steal resist since there is only 1 hero in the game that steals health, his resist seems pretty pointless unless you guys plan on dumping 5 to 10 more Morgan LeFay heroes into the game…


Agreed… It says it resists mana stoppers not mana stealers…?


Her 4th turn is the only reason i see it being included in the group since at that point it does stop all mana gained by opponent(think it’s 4th turn, i don’t have her so just goin off the top of my head)

Yeah, starts at 25% and increases by 25% each turn

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The Morlovian vampires also steal health


They steal healing, which is different. It’s not a perfect analog, so I wonder if they will or will not be affected by JF’s resistance.


Exactly this

Thank you

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Ah yes, good point.

Will be interesting to see how they interact with JF

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Thank you for looking into this. I will accept this answer, though I disagree about what should happen based on the wording on the card. I do think this is a nice little buff to Neith, which probably is generally welcome.

I guess I’m now curious if Neith resists other more general mana ailments, like from Delay or Little John’s special skill.


Well I’ve updated this topic to reflect that Neith does indeed resist Onatel’s mana steal :stuck_out_tongue:

As it’s clear this isn’t a bug (whether you agree it should work this way is a different issue though)


@Benn and @Rigs

J.F. resisted the Vampires and Morgan Le Fay only (at least that’s how this was in Beta – I did not note him resisting a sand empire hero)

Grazul resists Vampires + Sand Empire heroes / Perseus + Sargasso – but not Morgan

I do agree it’s odd that Neith resists Onatel – the game treats stealing mana as another kind of mana block :confused:


They are making things way too nitpicky

Can you imagine how outta hand this will get by 2021 or 2022? Lol

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Here is the thing:
Neith’s innate resistance says it’s against ailments that stop mana generation, but Onatel’s ailment does not stop mana generation (like for example Proteus), it steals mana partially (25% of mana for the first turn) but as for now — Neith always resists it, like it would stop her mana generation, while it actually would not.
I think it’s a little mistake :slight_smile:

Onatel’s special skill is similar to the mana block skill because she is blocking a certain amount a mana that could be gained; after 4 turns, the targeted heroes won’t gain any mana, which is exactly what mana stop does.

Her skill doesn’t work like mana slow because the heroes under this effect don’t lose any mana, they’ll only generate less than usual. Also, her skill doesn’t work like mana reduction because you don’t lose any of the mana previously gained (it was confused a while back when Seshat could resist Onatel’s mana steal).

so what?
maybe i would’ve agree if she was stealing all the mana from the beginning

but again, her skill does not stop enemy’s mana generation…
stop and steal are two different things

Both mana steal and mana block are in the same category (mana stop generation) because the heroes that were hit won’t gain 100% mana. Mana steal counts as a skill that partially stops mana generation while mana block stops mana gain completely.

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This has been answered by the devs before in the following thread. Please search before posting new topics. :slight_smile:


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