Neith or Joon?

Which is the most useful thinking about the attack on war?
I have max Poseidon, Drake, Onatel, Inari, Vivica and 2 Chacal with emblems.
I think joon maybe is more usefull to use with chacal.
Any ideia?

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From a damage perspective, Joon. More snipers is better :stuck_out_tongue:

In saying that, you only have the 1 area blind in Drake and a lot of snipers. So from rounding out a second Yellow team, I would say Neith :slight_smile:

If you have all of those heroes maxed already, both Neith and Joon are just luxuries at that point, however Joon is the better, more destructive luxury and could be very helpful in wars however, you also have Inari. If you pair Neith and Inari together, because they have the same mana speed, that can lead to some dodge-miss-dodge action.

My advice would be for you to create a poll to see what the majority of the playerbase thinks of your particular situation.

Joon. The bald god of war. :joy:

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I face the same dilemma, but my rooster is rather shallower than yours.
So I just pulled neith and my current yellow project is joon. Other yellows: Rana (+5), li, chao, wu, are maxed while vivica sits at 3/70.
I’m f2p so my mats are hard to come by, so the decision will have consequences (another x months to get set of darts)
Anyway- my def setup:
Caed (+19) - Magni (+5) - Ares (+7) - Rana (+5) - Rigard (+10)
Bench: Sartana and joon and Mariana in progress (3/70) and now neith…
On my alt I have joon jackal combo and it is brilliant…neith looks like def improvement - tank or flank?
Share your thoughts

Joon should be decidedly better on offense, especially if you already have Drake. The blind all from Neith doesn’t make up for the slower special speed and lower damage from Drake, and a minor mana cut before tiles fire doesn’t really contribute much on offense. On offense you are better off with Joon just killing people than Neith bringing another blind to the team.

Even on defense, where Neith shines as a flank and is at least serviceable as a tank, I think you have better options already on your roster.

What about Neith vs Leonidas?

I have Vivica and Joon maxed, I also have Wu Kong+20, Chao (2x), Li Xiu, Hutao all maxed. My current yellow mono team for wars is Vivica-Joon-Wu-Li Xiu-Chao. I also happen to use the same team for titan. Would I be better served by a second hitter (Leonidas) or by replacing Li Xiu or someone else with Neith?

What about someone like me who’s about to develop his first 5* defence team? I’m having a hard time deciding between Joon and Neith.

I’m thinking of:
Left wing: 4/70-19 costumed Regard(honorary fast 5*)
Left Flank: Misandra (or Costumed Richard tank)
Tank: Neith (or Right flank if I chose Richard over Misandra)
Right Flank: Lady of the Lake (or QoH)
Right wing : Joon (If did not go with Neith)

I will soon have one set of each items for all colors (Incl damascus and tomes). Just waiting for one last darts.

I also have Vela, Elkanen, Insarnia on my Bench no Purples. I’m hoping to get Ursena during March Atlantis. Kage is the one I really want.

Anyway, I digress… Joon or Neith?

I would go with Joon - fast sniper with blind is far more useful than wet noodles aka neith with blind :slight_smile:


If flank defense - Neith

Anything and everything else - Joon


Goo with Joon. Dont waste your AM on this pathetic heroe.

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IMO adding another sniper doesn’t help your situation that much. I have had neith completely turn a raid I should have won when going against her. I’d say if you need for defensive team or events/quests, nieth is more useful. If your trying to stack war teams or boost your offensive roster than joon.

Just got my 6th dart and have the same dilemma. I kinda knew most would say Joon but here’s my dilemma:

  • Neither are probably going to make my raid/war defense bc I need Vivica, who’s my only 5* healer (unless I go 2 yellow… very doubtful)
  • For offense, I think I have too many snipers…

Does the majority still think Joon (no costume)? It’s possible if Joon is just that much better/Neith is just that much worse…

  • Joon
  • Neith

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